Sunday, August 26, 2012


  Though more commonly attributed to misguided political leanings (on a governmental scale) the term “Isolationism” is often appropriate to describe any particular sects of an organization (such as within the RyuTe® Association).
The term (as I'm defining it here) would be as follows:
The policy, if not mandate, of isolating one's localized group/dojo, and/or student's from the affairs of other groups, dojo and/or student's within a shared organization by declining to fraternize, participate in gatherings or maintain communications with other groups/dojo or student's within that same association. Seeking to devote the entire efforts of one's dojo and/or member's to only it's own member's advancement, through only the knowledge available at that dojo and/or that instructor, while yet retaining a perfunctory affiliation with said (larger) association”.
  Though hardly constituting a crime, LOL. To isolate one's school/dojo (and student's) from the association that your supposedly a member of, is disingenuous to it's own student's (at the very least). This could (easily) lead to student's of those isolated schools formulating false understandings and/or the belief that “they” (somehow?) are the only one's receiving (some manner/form of) correct or incorrect instruction.
  Additionally, the instructor's of those “isolated” schools, become the “sole” model(s) that the attending student's are provided with as “role models”. This can/will lead to false expectations and/or limits to be presumed as “standard” by those student's as well.
  I have (yet) to of met any instructor within the association (past or present) that is the all-knowing master of everything “RyuTe”. It will only prove to be more advantageous (as we proceed forward) for us to retain our group affiliation.
  It has already been shown that various “Ex” member's have (and still do) lie to their student's about their own affiliation to/with Taika, and what was taught/shown to them. With the expulsions of certain members, there have been numerous false statements made (By those individual's) regarding their departure's. It has been shown that without any doubt, that their versions of their expulsion's are at odds with the reality of what occurred.
  Having recently (in the past couple of years) witnessed this isolationist activity occurring withing our own association (and the resultant activity's), one can easily see the importance of avoiding it's recurrence.
  When the “new” Dojo Guideline (manuals?) are finished, we'll see if this problem is addressed. The “Board” has plenty to keep it busy I know, but these are some of the questions that regularly come up in conversations I've had (with other association members).
  Despite the (very) few member's that have chosen to retain (any) affiliation/communication with any of the expunged members, the general consensus is one of excommunication (if not embarrassment from having had any prior connection to/with them). Why someone would chose to retain (any) affiliation with these individual's is beyond any logical reasoning.
  From what (very little, LOL) I've heard, there is an assemblage of all of the known kata (open-hand and weapon, within the entire association) in process at this time. The “rumor” (LOL), is, that these will be confirmed, and a “standard” performance (method) will be established, and (digitally) recorded (for each kata).
With this having been accomplished, it would go far to eliminating any individual(s) of claiming to have a “solely” possessed knowledge of, or for any information regarding that subject. It was this type of nonsense that recently expunged member's were (falsely) claiming to posses.
  It's been known (and recognized) that there exists a disparity of Tuite performance/instructional methodology within the association that has existed for (more than) several years now (IMO, 20+). With the recent culmination of technique/kata information, it is our hope that this will include the instructional methods utilized in the performance of Tuite (to in turn be dispersed throughout the association). Thereby establishing some manner of "standard" execution method.
  I've complained in numerous blogs that I've written, about the atrocious excuses for (what some people are calling) Tuite, that I've witnessed (both in person, and upon the Internet). This skill-set is uniquely Taika's (therefor, should be recognized as being uniquely RyuTe®). What “other” people (seem to insist upon) calling tuite, is more often re-hashed jujitsu and poorly performed Aikido (wrist technique's).
  Tuite is a skill-set, that requires individual practice (to learn), and integral practice to implement. It is too often taught as being (only) an ability that's utilized in non-serious/passive resistance situations. When instructing L.E.(types of) Situations, very often, the officer will be the one to institute the initial aggressive action (ie. Handcuffing).
  It is neither passive, nor casually applied technique's that are being utilized. In these situations, Tuite will be applied as an authoritative control measure that demands immediate compliance. It is technique's of this manner (for L.E.), that we're hoping to present at future association seminars/events.
  I hope that member's can (also) see the benefit from being a part of the RyuTe® association. I don't believe that every student has the same (learning) desires as every other student. This also goes for skill-sets, I don't believe every instructor should (claim to) have expertise in (every) weapon, kata or every other individual skill-set.
  Through the RyuTe® association, every student has access to every skill-set and instructor of that skill-set, that RyuTe® has to offer. One doesn't have to be concerned with learning a poorly performed/remembered version, there is access to persons that have specialized in that subject/weapon (within the RyuTe® Association).
  The RyuTe Association (now) has the potential to be a far greater organization than it has ever been before. We may have lost our beloved Taika, but that doesn't mean that his dreams and desires for RyuTe® have ended as well. 
  Te is defined by the open-hand, the finger's are relaxed and free to grasp or touch as need be, but all are connected through the palm. If they are tightly clenched, the hand can only pound upon something. The finger's are then unable to (individually) accomplish numerous tasks. The hand must remain open to accomplish anything.
  This is our association, our individual Dojo are the fingers of that Hand. The association is the palm, it binds the dojo together. If we cut them off of the palm, they are independent, but worthless. If we close them tightly together, into a fist, they will remain together, but will never accomplish or create anything more. 
  We (as an association) must act together, in order to further research that which Taika showed to us and to remain able to meet the requirements of what is needed by our (entire) membership (Both member's and Dojo, large and small), and for the RyuTe® Association, as a whole. We cannot isolate ourselves, and/or knowingly, or unknowingly allow members/dojo to do so either. If the association is going to continue, and survive, there can be no further divisions or segregation's allowed to exist within it. 

Wasn't there some out-dated, old-fashioned saying about
United we Stand, Divided we Fall ?
or was that just a pipe dream too?

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