Affiliation Note

 Since the passing of Taika, we have become increasingly discontent with the direction being taken by the Ryu Te organization. Our dissatisfaction with the organization and the decisions (and/or "lack" thereof) made within that group have made it pointless to continue any further affiliation. That group (IMO) has chosen to abandon further development, and return (retreat?) to those methods previously taught (and abandoned) by Oyata 20 years ago.
  We no longer see any benefit to remaining members of that group and therefore have chosen to not renew our memberships with that organization. I have been a member of Oyata's organization(s) for the past 30+ years, so this is not a decision made lightly, nor in haste. I am simply tired of the pointless nonsense that has become the dominant feature of that organization (both administratively, and academically). Both Personally, and as a group we have found no reason to continue that affiliation, and therefore have chosen to no longer remain members of it. 

 We will continue to teach Oyata's methodology but will do so as was directed to us by Oyata. We will also not be utilizing the "Ryu Te" name (in regards to what we will be teaching). We will be utilizing the name "Oyata Te" (Oyata's Hand/Method) for our instructed material. Being that their association teaches numerous aspects of his art "differently" anyway, we feel the name change is more appropriate.

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