Saturday, August 11, 2012

Gorilla’s in our Midst

  How exactly, did tuite become so bastardized. Is it that so few people have been shown/learned how to perform it correctly, that they've turned it into (some manner of) convoluted nonsense in their attempt(s) to make it work?
  This weeks perusing of the internet, has displayed some of the most brutish manners of (attempts at) applying tuite that I've ever seen. Virtually every example that I came across, (apparently) required that the tori include a strike (with the technique's application), in order for it to “work”.
  The person's applying those technique's, even stated that the technique required the strike,.....or it wouldn't work WTF!? If these (lame) examples are what's expected from students when they perform tuite, it's no wonder that the majority of people do such a crappy job of using/performing those techniques.
  From what little details (of the various persons training) that could be discovered, most of it appeared to be traceable (back to) the “Dill-man” group (and the products of their ilk). Usually this was through (at least) 3 layers/generations of instruction.
  What began as (only) being poor instruction, became progressively worse, and (obviously) was never corrected. It was being viewed as correct, so (in their opinion) it was correct. The problem (of course), was that the way it was being taught (to be performed), wasn't going to work correctly (if at all).
  From the examples I've observed, and from listening to their explanations of (how the students are being told) how their techniques are (supposedly) working, they are definitely performing the techniques incorrectly. 
 Though these techniques can be used in conjunction with other (manner's of) techniques, there should be no dictated mandate that states that they can only be used in conjunction with them.
 From my own observations, the methodology being applied to these techniques is one that is based on power/muscle strength. Any technique that is being based on (either/both of) these application methods is not, and should not, be acknowledged as being tuite.
 When a proper Tuite technique is being applied, there should be no counter-technique/application available for the recipient to utilize. If/when there is, then the initial technique was being incorrectly applied.
 Tuite is the manipulation of limbs and joints of the human body in such a manner as to enable the manipulator to control the person being manipulated to/into any desired position that they choose to place them. 
 There are (of course, and obviously) those who've decided that it is/would be pointless (or too difficult?) to place someone into a position of submission. Granted, there are times and situations where doing so would be detrimental. But, that isn't the case in the majority of situations (additionally, it isn't that difficult to escalate the severity of the application in most cases). 
 From reading what these sites have to say (about their techniques and applications), they claim to only teach "life threatening self-defense".....WTF does that mean anyway? Do they only teach you to kill somebody that gets aggressive? or that it can only be used, if they feel that their life is threatened? (I'm so confuzed..LOL).
 What I do know, is what-ever it is that their teaching, it isn't Tuite, so don't be confused by the terminology, nor the BS techniques that are out there. 


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