Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Dialog, or Diatribe?

  To diversify away from the recent nonsense and idiots, I've chosen to explore the subject of what I would like to accomplish, with this blog.
  As a rule, commenting on things that I have said and/or state on this blog, has been avoided (for what-ever reason) by (the majority of) RyuTe® members, for which I am fully aware, (Do) read it.
  There are a few that will comment (some quite regularly, LOL ), but the majority avoid providing (any) public opinion and/or commentary. It's difficult to determine whether this is from not being familiar with the discussed material? Or, not wishing to agree/disagree with the stated opinion? Or just not giving a shit, LOL.
  Much of that decision of/for silence was (previously) being dictated by Taika. His decision was very Eastern (basically, “Fool's will demonstrate their own Foolishness without any assistance from others”). And, quite frankly, he was correct (recent events have proven that adage to be accurate).
  Much of what I try to accomplish here, is to create discussion. Hopefully that will be done in regards to technique, and/or concepts. I have made no claims (here, or anywhere else for that matter) in regards to myself, having mastered all that is RyuTe®.
  Of course, discussion about RyuTe® techniques, requires familiarity with those techniques (a luxury that only RyuTe®
practitioner's are likely to have). Though numerous system's perform similar actions/motions, more often than not, they are performed differently.
  Be it the manner a punch is being performed, or how (what other systems call) a block is being performed, it's those differences that will determine there being a different result (being accomplished as a result of, and because of, how those performed actions are being done). 
  Obviously, the use of video, or even photographs would assist in clarifying a motion or concept (and I have utilized photographs on several occasions) for reader's. I'm just not comfortable with a gratuitous use of these mediums for a reference (upon a “blog”).
  Their use can often be interpreted as being an attempt to train the viewer (in the displayed subject). That is not my intent (here). My desire is to discuss the subject matter (whatever that subject may be).
  Though not really wanting to, I was pulled into the recent debate/commentary by (one of) the very individual's that the recent (well, over a year ago now, LOL) ruckus was in regards to.
Do I regret that occurrence happening? Hell No! LOL. I've believed the details for each of those event's should have been released long ago. Did “I” begin those debates (along with the threats, and the “weak” attempts at intimidation). No, those were began by the very individual's that should have kept quiet (in regards to those events).
  I doubt seriously that all of their student's are/were aware of their having been kicked-out of the association (we know the student's of one of them wasn't, LOL, as they attempted to call and converse with Taika, 8 years after their “leader” was kicked-out of the association).
  None of those individual's have attempted to justify their actions (that got them kicked-out). So far, every one of them has been in denial that they ever were kicked-out (this in spite of the phone call that I'm sure they each received, from the highest ranking member in the association, to inform them of that fact).
  Over the years, there have been numerous policy's that I have not been in complete agreement with. That did not give me justification to blatantly disregard those policy's if/when ever I would choose to. I have always had the choice of quitting the association (in order to pursue those options), I did not, and was thereby obligated to comply with the rules of the association.
  The RyuTe®Association now has new leadership, they are in the midst of correlating the (new) Handbook of/for the Association dojo and it's members. (Theoretically) That handbook will contain the rules and regulations of permitted dojo and member practices. It should also provide the new (annual) payment amounts for the student/instructor/dojo.
  I've heard that the price of summer camp will be modified (as well as the “birthday” seminar) to reflect the fact that Taika won't be there. There's also a number of rumors regarding the instruction that will be offered as well, we'll just have to see.
  Though I have confidence in the individual's in charge, and I'm also aware of what's required to organize an event (especially without knowing exactly what the turn-out will be). The summer conference went (very) well, but many people had already obligated themselves (prior to Taika's demise) to attend.
  I am planning on being at Johnny’s annual seminar in September, so maybe I'll gain some (further) insight while there. My associate and myself are also in the midst of revamping our Law Enforcement courses (basically streamlining them for instructor training, as opposed to student training).
  I believe we have the majority of the kink's worked out of the tuite instructor program, but the L.E. Courses can still use some refinement (mostly having to do with determining the quantity of material/information vs. the permitted time allotments).
  It's our goal to be able to introduce these instructor courses to the association leaders, so that they may offer them for instructors who have L.E. Students (who would be interested in participating in those courses). As it is at present, there are few (if any) RyuTe instructor's who are offering L.E. (specific) courses to/for their student's.
  At one time, Taika had instructed our (initial) instructor in these courses, and we (in turn) had assisted him in providing that instruction to various police departments throughout the state. That instructor has since quit teaching L.E. (to pursue his chiropractic practice/career).
  Seeing that my associate is a certified instructor (by K.C.P.D.) in almost every (prisoner compliance/control, defensive tactics, handgun retention, hand-cufffing, nightstick, PR-24 etc.) course/subject that K.C.P.D. Offer's and/or Teaches to their officer's, it only makes sense that we should offer any relevant training to association (instructor's) that have student's that are L.E. Officer's.
  If what I've heard come's to fruition, the association may very well begin offering a much wider selection of training opportunities to the general membership. From what (granted, little) I've heard, that should include Instructor training courses (to widen the knowledge base of the association as a whole).
  I believe this would be a good thing. I tend to believe that if the association doesn't begin operating with a group/association mentality, then it could very well fragment (into smaller groups of specific interests). IMO, this could also possibly mean a loss of knowledge/information (possessed by those individual's that may choose to break away).
  As I have stated before, I believe it to be a disservice to our student's to not continue to expand our knowledge level (as a group). There is not any “one” of (any of) us, that knows all there is to know/understand regarding what Taika has been teaching these past 20, 30 (and more) years. It's for that reason, that I believe that we (all) need to assure that the association continues, and that it continues to grow.

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