Monday, August 6, 2012

Direction for Progress

  From talking with member's within the Association, I'm finding that there are mixed feeling's about how they feel it should proceed (as a group).
  To be clear, “I” have NO say, or influence in any regard to the dealings of the association. Like every other member, I only have an opinion.
  On the RyuTe® Member's Forum , there is presently a discussion thread, that was created to allow member's to offer their suggestions as to what, or even how they might like to see/have certain subjects treated and/or dealt with. There's certainly no obligation to/for the Board to pay any attention to it, but it's there none the less (which will tend to create discussion in regards to the recorded subjects).
  More importantly (IMO), is the thread for suggestions regarding the Instruction of various subject material for RyuTe® member's. My associate and I were discussing this very subject recently, and were debating how those Idea's should (in “our” opinion) be presented to the board for consideration/approval.
  It's hoped that the association begins to solidify the manner(s) that the kata are being taught throughout the association. It's believed that until certain standards are established/maintained, there will be a continuing debate as to the differences between them.
What was proposed (in regards to new ideas), was that suggestions be presented to the board in written format. These would include a full description, that would list the subject (being instructed), the required time factor for course completion, any required materials and of course, costs (if any).
  The most popular of the requests, has (so far) been for weapon's (kata & bunkai). Law Enforcement courses have been described and (of course, LOL) Oriental Calligraphy. If any member's have other suggestions and/or are able to provide (qualified/certified) instruction in a subject, they should list that suggestion on the RyuTe® board.
  It's my own opinion, that “we” (as an association) need to promote the training of our own member's in those fields that are (either) being ignored (within our association), or being taught poorly (by other organizations). There are already schools within our association that are teaching material that is (often) directly in opposition to what Taika had always endorsed. Those subjects/material should be moderated (to ensure that they are only being taught for recreational/entertainment purposes).
  This association could easily become corrupted if we (all) allow it to occur. The one thing that Taika always emphasized that one should not believe in, nor follow the teachings of nonsense (of which TCM would easily qualify).
  RyuTe® is but one system (of a very small contingency), that has chosen to reject the nonsense that is “TCM”. Whatever it's (limited) value may be in the treatment of (some) physical ailments, it serves no purpose in the practice of Life Protection/RyuTe®.
  I've recently been flooded with inquiry's regarding RyuTe's® “sparring” methods. “I” would be the worst person to ask in regards to that subject, LOL. I don't believe in it, I don't see that it serves any positive service to our students, and it (in fact) will alienate many, while disillusioning most (if not all) as to their capabilities (whether positive, or negative).
  The only manner of “sparring” (or at least what's closest to it) that I will allow my student's to participate in, is that which has (only) one person in protective gear (usually as the “uke”). This would allow the tori to strike full power upon them (obviously with limitations on the techniques/targets allowed).
  I don't believe in the “toughening” you up tripe, or the “learning to take a punch”? (give me a break..). The only thing that you learn, is that pulled punches and kicks, don't/won't hurt you (especially when wearing protective gear). There are better ways of practicing control as well (and are less injurious when the practitioner fails, LOL).
  Within all of these alternative methods of study, the prevailing factor, is the speed of practice, ( beginning slowly, and progressing to faster application of the shown techniques/applications).
  Despite the desires of the populists, traditional training methods have been proven to be effective for student education. There may often be debate about what (exactly) one is training the student to do, but the objective of any/every instructor should be that the student is capable of protecting themselves from the most common of aggressions.
  If/when it becomes more about the system, or the instructor, than it is about the student, then it's time to move on.

"Knowledge is indivisible. When people grow wise in one direction, they are sure to make it easier for themselves to grow wise in other directions as well. On the other hand, when they split up knowledge, concentrate on their own field, and scorn and ignore other fields, they grow less wise—even in their own field."
Isaac Asimov

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Anonymous said...

What is TCM?


Rainbow Joe

Openhand said...

"TCM" is an internet term/abbreviation that's short for "Traditional Chinese Medicine".
This is what Taika complained about constantly. It's based around acupuncture meridians and is basically used by hoaxer's and charlatan's to explain kyusho point locations (incorrectly I might add, LOL).

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the explanation.


BTW - I really enjoy your blog. It is full of useful and thought provoking information.

Keep up the good work.

Openhand said...

Thank you, I do tend to irritate a few people with some of what I say though, LOL. But these are only "my" opinions, and as I'm sure you've seen, those opinions tend to upset a few people, LOL (especially those that take it personally).