Tuesday, August 7, 2012


  Over the past few weeks, I've had a group of “Ex” Oyata Students (who were “kicked-out” of Taika's association) that had chosen to comment on this blog. Aside from the fact that they aren't aware of, or are in denial of the facts of what they write (and/or are “rewriting” history to fit their personal agendas) I have chosen to not allow those individuals to comment on this blog any further. 
  There is nothing productive to be gained from allowing them to propagate their lies and deception within their comments here. As I've stated previously, what I post here are my opinions, I am not in any way a representative of the RyuTe® Association. If these individual's were hoping to continue the propagation of their dishonesty by posting here, they were mistaken (again).
  In their best emulation of Goebbels they have continued to propagate the falsehood that “they” are the victims (and have always been loyal to Taika?), despite the fact that they lied to him and cheated him out of money by using his name/image to further their own agenda, all while additionally awarding Yudansha certificates of/for their own organizations while still (claiming) to remain Taika's student(s) and representatives of his association.
  I find these individual's vile and contemptuous, they are the lowest of the low-life's and serve no purpose of any value. Those that choose to affiliate themselves with them, I hold in an equally contemptuous light.
  If these individual's had distanced themselves from this blog, they could have maintained their anonymity. They (or their minions) chose to forward their names here, and where possible, I have censored them (to prevent any further “bot” searches from locating their names). 
  Regardless of their continued denial, RyuTe® and RyuKyu Kempo are different. Are there similarity’s? Of course (just as any martial art shares similarities with any other martial art), those similarities do not equate to making them both equal to the other.
  I have since removed the posts made by these individual's, and will not be allowing any further posts from them. Their later responses (which I did not allow to be posted) only became more ridiculous rants of denial, and I judged them to be pointless.
  I have since removed all of their posts, as the majority of them were only vague threats, hand wringing denials and cartoon excuses for their contemptuous behavior. I'm aware that their posts were entertainment for many, but I'm afraid those persons will have to find their amusement elsewhere (at least as far as these posts were concerned, LOL). 



Anonymous said...

Not to worry I took a screen shot of all your post just in case a court of law should ever want to know what you posted.

Openhand said...

ROTFLMAO, That's good!, I have full copies. I figure anyone too chickenshit to use their name is too big of a coward to do anything anyhow, LOL.