Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Year End...

  As we enter the final week of the year, I was reviewing the events that have transpired in that time period (in regards to my involvement in/with the instruction of “Te”). The month of December ends my instructional commitments at the other school/dojo (though I'm sure we'll have intermittent interactions with them there, LOL). This should allow my associate and myself to (re)focus upon our own pursuits (our Tuite training manual, the pursuit of seminar opportunities, etc.).
  The passing of Taika was of course a heavy blow to all of us who knew him. Although his funeral was tainted by the appearance of ex-members (who had all been “kicked-out” of the association by Taika, and were told that they were not welcome there), and were subsequently "escorted" out of the church. Upon their eviction, his (actual) students were allowed to mutually mourn his passing, and recount their acquaintances with him.
  Taika's Association is now being overseen by a “Board” of 7 higher ranked members. 4 of those positions are permanent, and 3 are rotating positions (of varying time periods). They have been (IMO) rather slow to get the Association Membership and Dojo Rules Manual squared away, but are (supposedly) going to have them (finally, LOL) ready by the next summer conference.
  The first of the year, is when all Association “dues” are scheduled to be paid (end of January). The “first” of those who will quit the Association will (no doubt) become apparent at that time. It was mentioned at the last summer conference, that the Association would /could (?) be thinned-out over the coming year. If that's still the inclination, then it may be after the first of the year that it begins to take place (we'll have to see).
  I'm aware that for the larger (commercial) schools, it's become imperative to have a multi-interest curriculum available. I have no general problem with that (it's a “financial” thing, LOL). What I Do have a problem with, is a school teaching anything that is in direct contradiction to what Taika taught to us (his students), and claiming to be an Association” school/Dojo.
  I believe anyone who's ever read this blog knows exactly what I'm talking about. There are (at present) several schools (within the association) that either (directly) teach, or are associated with (one of several) groups that emphasize the TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) hog-wash, regarding kyusho and/or atemi jitsu application. Taika never, at any time, ever endorsed that Crap.
 Aside from the schools that are teaching this nonsense, there are those members in the association that have been wearing the old (and banned by Taika) Yudansha "colored" belts (red/white). Taika had banned their use over 15 years ago (WTF, people?). Those belts have no significance within this organization (as Yudansha don't wear any belts anyway) and aren't even recognized within the association, so what do you think your doing? (other than making yourself look like an ASS). The only people that are using them (regularly), are people who were "kicked-out" of the association,...(Hmmm,, is somebody letting somebody else know what's ahead?).
  In regards to our own Dojo, we have several new students who have recently began their training with us. My associate and myself continue our own research into application and controlling techniques. We are dividing our Law Enforcement Training Courses into smaller, individual subject courses as well (officers/departments rarely have the “time” available for the more encompassing courses).
  I'm hoping to be able to stock-up on calligraphy supplies (again, LOL) and begin offering more group and individual instruction courses (over the coming year). I've recently been approached by several individual's, and we have had some of our own student's (who've reached the level of kyu ranks that have Shuji as a requirement) who have expressed a greater interest in that subject beyond that which we require in our kyu-rank requirements.
  Of course (and as always,LOL), we never know exactly what the upcoming year will offer (or deny) us. We make our plans with eager and hopeful anticipation, but reality doesn't always allow those plans to unfurl. Regardless, “I” plan on viewing the upcoming year in a positive manner. 


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