Wednesday, December 12, 2012

"Fakes and Flakes"

 I was reading through the various "Kyusho" and "Tuite" wanna-be websites and find myself amazed that people are that desperate to believe in what their selling.
 I'm fully aware that one of RyuTe®'s highest ranking members (at the time) was conducting seminars with some of these individual's. Having seen what they went away with (knowledge wise), I'm not impressed (at least with their abilities to pay attention, LOL).
 Not having attended those seminars (though I have watched video's of some of them), I can't say whether what was taught was wrong, or whether what they understood from the instruction was wrong (but somebody's understanding was definitily incorrect).
 Seeing that a large number of the attendee's (and many of their instructor's) were down the linage "Dillmanites" (aka "Kyusho International" members), it's easy to see why they got things wrong.
 These groups started out with bad information (aka "Dillweed"), and continued to build upon that fantasy base. I've encountered numerous members and (supposed), student's of this idiot's nonsense.
  Having watched (literally) hour's of these peoples examples of (their versions of) Tuite, I've decided that these people must have only watched some old video's of Taika (actually) performing the techniques that they have attempted to duplicate. The (even basic) mistakes being made, are pathetic in their occurrence.

 Obviously, there are numerous individual's who are paying these joker's to teach them these (supposed) "techniques". From everything that I've seen, and read (from these individual's), there's obviously no incentive for these (presumed) "instructor's" to (even) learn how to perform the techniques correctly, much less progress in their performance.

  Student's who have attended these "seminars" have my heart felt sympathy. They've been given misleading information, and poor application methodology. I've written before of their (IMO, worthless) "principles". 
 Knowing that the vast majority of what they're teaching is based upon GD's books, their methodology is destined to fail. The (very) few techniques that they get some-what correct, they treat as if some (unknown) level of mastery is required to perform them.  

 When GD attended his first (and only) "summer-camp" of Taika's (at the time, we were still "Ryukyu Kempo"), the only thing he did, was have his flunkies run around camp with video camera's taping anything Taika did (including knock "him/GD" out).

 Everything in his (GD's) first video's (technique-wise), was what was taught at that summer camp (which was why he didn't have that much in his first video series).
 All the other nonsense, was his (GD's). Because he never actually practiced any of the techniques while he was there, he never learned how to perform them. The instructions in his books (later), are all his, which accounts for their not working (as he is teaching them).

 Taika never trusted the man, his claims of "private instruction" are nonsense (Taika informed numerous students not to elaborate on any instruction that had been provided to him). That concern was (obviously) well founded, within a few years he (GD) released his video tapes, then his first book on Tuite (all of which, consisted of the techniques that were taught at that one, and only summer-camp that he ever attended).
 At some point, his student's chose to go out on their own, teaching various forms of GD's methodology, (while denying any affiliation). Though denying his teachings, they only varied it (slightly). It was still being based on the mythology of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), something that Taika never taught (and disputed regularly)
 I see that (any of) these groups provide seminars to whomever. Though I'm not familiar with what they charge, I'd love to do a comparative seminar (just to illustrate how wrong they are, LOL), as well as teach them how to perform the techniques correctly, LOL

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