Monday, November 12, 2012

Weaponless Warriors?

  As most people (and students) are aware, the study of (most) martial arts will include training in at least some of the classical weapons. And as I've stated on several blogs, my interest in those traditional weapons is (very) limited.
  That's not to say that I'm not familiar with (at least) some of them. I've just limited my own interest to only include a few of the (taught) traditional weapons.
  I've tended to restrict my own (personal) weapon's training to Life-Protection (related) training, and to mainly include modern weaponry. My own ordnance of choice is the Glock 21 (.45 cal.). Though we don't (usually) offer training in that regard (within our civilian RyuTe® curriculum) it is available should one request it.
  Within that realm, we tend to restrict our instruction of the subject to be limited to our Law Enforcement students. Though not everyone (that isn't L.E.) is comfortable with the utilization of firearms (for defensive purposes) it is none the less, an available, and legal option (at least in numerous states) for many students.
  When viewing the (types of) sites that do offer firearms training, they will tend to only provide rudimentary training (if any at all) in any un-armed defensive tactics (and it's usually pretty poor training at that).
  For what-ever reason (if/when they do), they seem to be inclined to lean towards the military (wanna-be) type systems as well. Aside from Life-Protection not being a taught military (manner of) instruction, what is taught to military personnel, is geared towards (group) life and death (only) situations (that are orientated towards killing the aggressor(s) if/when someone has lost their own weapon, ie. They've “F'd”-up). Not exactly a common self-protection situation (and maybe a tad extreme, LOL). 
  Martial arts have never been a “weaponless” endeavor, contrary to the public's perception and the misleading as well as misread translation of  Karate being “empty-hand). RyuTe® offers instruction in a number of the classical martial art's weapons.
  Though the majority of those weapons(themselves) offer little to no usable (or practical) ability to be used for commonly encountered Life-Protection applications, acquiring a level of ability with their use and manipulation can be transposed to RyuTe®'s open-hand technique's.

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