Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Ebony “Pot” Talk

Elitists: a person having, thought to have, or professing superior intellect or talent, power, wealth, or membership in the upper echelons of society” http://dictionary.reference.com
  Having recently been accused of being such, I found it interesting that my “accuser” found it necessary to align himself with individual's who positioned, and proclaim themselves to be something unique enough to create and bestow upon themselves their own “titles”? (but...but...“I”....am the elitist! ,..arg!..I'm so confuzed? LOL).
  If one reviews my posts, you'll find that “I” will not provide any “advertisement” opportunities for these individual's by calling them out by name. I have no need (much less a reason) to do so (as was exemplified by their own ability to illustrate the level of their ridiculous if not pathetic excuses and threats).
  At any rate, those individual's will not be receiving any (more) free advertisement on this blog. I'll only allow comments (regarding any of them) from reader's that utilize their initials (no full names). This will help prevent any google or bot searches from finding their names.
  I found it odd that this individual felt the need to profess a threat upon my associate (Yes, I'm aware that he believed my associate writes this blog, LOL). I suppose that means he (kind of?) was threatening me? Oh well, God knows I've faced a hell of a lot more serious threats in my life, LOL (and being familiar with my associate's life, I definitely know that he has).
  Regardless, these individual's do not effect any aspect of neither my own, nor that of my associate's life. They are no longer a part of RyuTe and are now pursuing their own interpretations of Taika's teaching's (albeit teachings from 10 or more years ago).
  Over the past 6 months, RyuTe has suffered some seriously unsettling losses. That hardly equates to being at a loss for knowledge and/or information. It also doesn't surprise me that these individual's have began their attempts at establishing some form of  a dominance play.
  For the sake of public appearance (at least), I'm hopeful that the new Ryute board will soon consolidate their task's at hand. Doing so will eliminate the prevailing uncertainty that's lingering over the membership.
  Not providing, nor having answer's, can easily lead to speculation, and rumor. Either of these undesirable occurrences can prove detrimental to the future of the association.
  Maybe (by their definitions) I'm being an “elitist”, LOL, because I disagree with how these individual's have done (everything) the things that they did. So be it. As I've repeatedly stated, their opinion means nothing to me.
 If they show themselves to be as (even more) asinine as I suspect that they will, LOL, I have no problem publicly detailing (all) the transgressions of their new "masters" being booted from the association. 
 As "Mike" had stated in his comment, If they held Taika in such "High Regard", then why did they see fit to cheat and lie to him (while making money off of his name)? 


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