Monday, July 16, 2012

The “Alpha” Tuite

  While performing another of my “google quests” recently, I became side-tracked while viewing the results for “Tuite”. The results consisted of numerous video links, and a (very) few written descriptions.
  I always get a chuckle from the (morons) people who prather on about how their instructor has always taught tuite (meaning only in the last15-20 years). Before that time, nobody had even heard the term (regardless of their style/system).
  What was commonly being taught, was Jujitsu, Aikido or Chi-Na (none of which compare to Tuite). Those systems/styles were being included with/to what-ever system was being taught at the time.
  After Taika began demonstrating his Tuite, everybody began renaming whatever they taught to (then) be “Tuite”. From my observations (and conversations), most of these wanna-be's have seen a seminar (or 2), and now assume that they are familiar with/know Taika's tuite, so that's what they call what they teach.
  What's even more hilarious (or pathetic), are the people going around doing seminars and displaying that they have a Yudansha ranking in “Tuite” (WTF! LMFAO!). As I've stated elsewhere, this is the same as saying that you have a “Black-Belt” in “Front-Kicks”. Exactly how big of an Dumb-Ass do you have to be, to fall for this nonsense?
  There's a Canadian club/school that (claims to) only teach tuite to adults because of the “danger” (?) of these techniques (sounds more like the instructor's must be “dangerous” to learn from).
  There's also a school down south (of me, I'm in K.C.MO.) in Atlanta that lists Kyusho as being their taught “art” and I'm sure they hand out Black Belts in Kyusho, LOL (see above). He's got a ton of video's, none of which are that great (or IMO, being done correctly). What he's doing is his version of (what he believes to be) tuite. Again, (yet) another person who either attended (or watched) a seminar (or was shown by someone who did) and they now believe that they know how to correctly perform tuite (and they don't).
  Am I being judgmental ?, you better believe I am. I've been doing  this for 30+ years. Everything that I see them doing wrong, I've already done (wrong myself) and have corrected.
  The fact that someone names themselves “Grand Wizard of Tuite”, doesn't mean that they know anything about the subject. That becomes readily apparent when you see a video of them performing some manner of technique, that's being done wrong.

  Tuite (as well as kyusho) is only a portion of the whole. Though it may be possible to utilize it singularly, it has always been intended to be used in conjunction with a system (in this case, RyuTe®).
  I've (pretty much) quit comparing RyuTe® to/with any other system (including Ryukyu Kempo). It's in it's own category. The direction that Taika was taking us in his final years, was apart from anything he'd taught previously (yet, the connections become more and more apparent).
 I tend to view what Taika taught to us, as being the building blocks for our continuing study. The tuite has been no exception to this either, much of what was originally shown (30 yrs. Ago) has been modified (often by Taika himself) in the last 10 years.
The egregious mistakes that are being (so obviously) made in the performance of tuite, can only be blamed on the performer's themselves. Taika taught us the kihon (basic) method of their execution. He expected us to improve them ourselves (and said so on numerous occasions).
 Start taking them apart, and reassemble them better than they were before. 


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