Friday, July 13, 2012

And Will the walls come a'tumblin' down?

  With the recent changes made within the RyuTe association, it's difficult to evaluate the direction that it will proceed in. I have been impressed with the amount of knowledge (exercises, weapon's kata, kyusho knowledge, open-hand kata) that has been archived for the association's use/reference.
  It will now be up to the membership, and the appointed leadership (whomever that may be) to decide if RyuTe Renmei will persevere, or be a passing note in history. I'm sure that many won't see fit to leave the association until the first of next year (Jan. 2013), that's when the yearly association dues are expected (not that everyone has been paying anyhow, yes,...we have numerous free-loader's. They're commonly identified by the amount of whining they do).
  It's my own understanding, that (supposedly) numerous “things” are to be decided at this years summer camp (in progress as I'm writing this). Until those decisions are made, it's all up in the air.
For anyone not affiliated with the association, (I'm sure) this is a very boring subject. For those of us that are though, what's decided will determine the direction and manner of future student instruction.
  I have (my own) suspicion's, that what-ever is decided (at summer-camp), will be modified numerous times before the first of the year. Frankly, very few of these people are familiar with how to run a business (much less an association), or to do so in the “family” manner that Taika wanted it to be (not that he was always able to do so either, LOL).
  My own “opinion” (which yes, I know nobody gives a flippin' F%&k about) is that anyone who runs a school/dojo full-time should be excluded from any position of authority/control. Decision's should be made by a committee/group (not by any sole individual).
  Rank, should be based on time spent in the association (otherwise, it's only the people who can afford to test, that will/can). It still would be, but that would limit (if not eliminate) the “suddenly” high-ranked student's (that have hardly any time in the association, yet have been able to purchase a high rank, and too often as being their first one that they acquire when joining the association).
  Doing so, might also eliminate/avoid the current problem of “too many chiefs, with not enough Indians” (not to mention, some of those “chiefs” have less “time” in the association than numerous Indians). As with nearly every single system that I've observed or been affiliated with, those of higher “rank” are not (necessarily) any more (or less) talented/knowledgeable than anyone else.
  Again, IMO... If someone requires recognition for their knowledge/ability in some particular aspect of RyuTe (for which I could name numerous individual's that would qualify), then those individual's should have certification(s) that state what that knowledge is (otherwise, it's only here-say). This would (help) eliminate the internal/personal “bickering” that is prevalent in every group/association (as well as make it more convenient for those seeking whom to contact for instruction in that subject).
  Looking at Every Single Member Who Has Been Kicked Out Of The RyuTe Association, They Have Promoted Themselves to Higher Ranks (than they earned while still in RyuTe). And They ALL Still Attempt to Profit off of Taika's name.
  I believe we (as an association) need to get away from the addiction to (ever) higher ranking. A (more accurate?) indication of knowledge/ability would be recognition of an individual's knowledge/ability through subject certification by/through the organization. If the organization has credibility, then the certification does also.
  Being able to present certification's (from a reputable association/group) carries greater respect than simply stating that (in your opinion) you think that your really, really good (and/or that your buddies think so too).
  I (personally) would feel much greater respect about receiving a certificate that stated that I (actually) had a particular skill/ability (rather than an arbitrary “rank”, that usually isn't recognized by any other system/school). It's much easier to prove a particular ability/skill, than it is to prove (or even justify) one's placement within an established hierarchy (especially a position of authority).

 But (again, LOL), I'm Nobody.

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