Monday, July 23, 2012

Brave New World? ..ummm maybe.

  At this years summer conference, we only had one student to submit for Yudansha testing. It was a different manner of summer conference as in there were numerous (advanced) weapon's kata being taught (with only a few kihon that were being taught for the newer students).
  Being that Taika wasn't there, there was some concern over the attendance level (turned out it was higher than it had been in several summer's). It's difficult to assess what the next summer's attendance will be like. I'm sure we'll know better after January, LOL.
  For those that will go, it sounds like it will be different in numerous respects. For one thing, it's supposed to be less expensive to attend! (Yeah! I might be able to afford to go! LOL) The leadership is also accepting suggestions for the agenda (if your a RyuTe member, simply go to the RyuTe forum to enter your suggestions).
  I believe the release of the “New” Dojo Rules/Regulations will answer many of the questions that are out there (including mine, LOL).
  Our student (obviously) wasn't able to meet Taika, but he was able to be exposed to and mingle with the general membership. I encourage all of our student's to attend any association function that they are able to. If for nothing else, but to meet the other member's.
  We encourage our students to work with as many different people that they can (especially with Tuite). At this conference, Tuite practice was actually minimal (the BIG focus, was on the advanced weapon's kata).
  Not that it didn't occur, it was just greatly reduced from what normally is experienced. Evidently my associate made his usual (talented) impression upon those unfortunate enough to question (or even doubt) his tuite application abilities (which provided good natured entertainment for those involved, LOL). 
  Many of the “Bigger” questions about the association and the (New) Dojo Rules/Regulations are (obviously) on hold, until the new board members are able to get all the details hammered out. I'll be curious to see what other changes will be made (and I'm sure there will be some, LOL).
  As I've stated before, the (very) few that I've heard about, I'm in complete agreement with. My understanding is that there will be a much lower BS tolerance/acceptance level (let's hope they hold to it).
  If enough people request it, there will be a Tuite Instruction Training Seminar which would emphasize the 6 Basic Principles and how they should be introduced/explained to students. We've received numerous inquiries (about providing one), but we would prefer to train instructor's (first), so that they could introduce them to their student's.
  It's not our goal to become replacement instructors, we prefer to view it as “Continuing Education” seminars for the present instructor's.
  I was also approached about doing a Japanese Brush Calligraphy class (if not a complete course that could be offered through the association). This could be done at/for a seminar or at summer conference. There are actually numerous (related) options in that category. We'll have to see if there's any (real) interest, and if so what direction they're wanting to take it.
  The other subject was Law Enforcement orientated training (prisoner compliance, handgun retention, nightstick application). For instructor's that have students who are in Law Enforcement, this would provide them with subject specific training.
  Topics seem to be getting entered more and more (I presume as members become more comfortable with the format). I believe this closed medium (For RyuTe member's only) will prove very useful. At the very least, it offers the membership a forum to offer suggestions, and to voice their opinions (different forums, LOL).
  More importantly (to myself), is that it provides a place for debate. One-sided discussions (much like “blogs”, LOL) don't really accomplish much. Debate can provide perspectives that can be otherwise overlooked by one party or the other.
  Granted, there will always be individual's that will get all “Pissy” about (nothing) minor details, but having a closed forum (from non-association people) allows member's to more freely discuss the pro's and con's of a subject, and is (IMO) always preferable to speculation.
 (And BTW, our "1" student (that tested this year) did receive his Shodan Ranking, ....yeah! LOL)

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