Thursday, June 28, 2012


  I've been queried (from numerous sources) about the immediate future of the RyuTe Association. I (of course) have no current knowledge of what direction that the association will take. So the question is, what's my guess of what will become of Taika's association (RyuTe Renmei)? I'm sure there are numerous individual's waiting (or not waiting...) to step out of the dark and make claims for/of ascension. 
 I know there will be numerous claims of private/secret deals and agreements and various assumptions being made by the general mudansha contingency. Just guessing, I'm sure all the low-life's will come out of hiding to stake their individual claims of having received personal teaching's from Taika (that were of course kept secret from everyone else, LOL).
  The biggest weakness that I see, is the limitation of solidarity/unity amongst the various association Dojo. I'm sure (now that Taika has passed) numerous Dojo may abandon the RyuTe association, and create their own (be it only their dojo/school, or small groups of such). There are some (I know) that will affiliate themselves with those prior members who were kicked-out, though for what reason, I can't fathom. Doing so, would seem more of a rearward step, than to accomplish anything of value.
 Numerous person's will likely break off and create their own branches (of what was taught in RyuTe). I can understand those individual's actions. Those individual's (at least) will of had the decency to wait until Taika was no longer the system's guide (for direction) and still providing that information, before beginning their own (though I'm confused as to how they will progress).
  I'm certain that specific member's will separate and create their own groups. Some will no-doubt re-associate themselves with ex-member's (who were kicked out for their unacceptable behavior). Those individual's (who were kicked-out) I have no respect for (whether they are believed to have any knowledge or not). Though Taika may have voiced it to be unacceptable to even speak of these individuals, I believe it better to make it known that they are not what they claim.
 There is still much to be gained by remaining connected (through an association). Namely, the weapons kata knowledge. It's already been evidenced that former members have been making claims of weapon and weapon kata knowledge (that Taika had stated were incorrect). We don't want present RyuTe members to fall into that same dilemma.
  The same concern would be with the Shin shu ho kata. These kata and the more recent open-hand exercises, need to be solidified amongst the various association dojo. We've been actively attempting to integrate the 6 Basic Tuite Principles amongst the RyuTe instructors (through the RyuTe Board), and have received numerous positive feed-back comments. It was our intent that those principles be used for instruction of Tuite by association instructors.
 In that regard, we know that there will be people that wind-up providing that information to non-association persons, who will no doubt claim that they developed them, which is why we've provided that information on the RyuTe board, (to establish our own development/creation of them). Those charlatan's are (all) utilizing Taika's quote's as if they were their own already, so they would/will surely latch onto anything else that seems of any value.
  Those person's outside of the association like to claim that they have/know all the same information that has been available from Taika, but frankly, none of them have been around Taika (for training) in over 6 years (at a minimum for even the most recent), so that pretty much nullifies their knowledge level (because a lot has happened over that time period).
 Personally, I hope that those who were faithful to Taika until his passing, will remain in contact with one another, and will share whatever individually known information that they may have amongst one another. We'll have to wait and see if that actually happens.

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tallenb49 said...

Your fears have presidence. When Ueshiba Morihei, the founder of Aikido, was alive there was only one Aikido. Within a couple years there were numerous aikido systems all claiming heritage.

Let us hope we have a strong enough union that the bleeding will be minimal.