Wednesday, June 27, 2012

And The Vultures Descend

  Over the past week (since Taika's death), I have seen numerous organizations/associations (whatever) “Suddenly” jump to the forefront (of public advertisements). I am seeing their ads in E-mailings, on facebook, various chat boards, they're really putting out the word that “they” had (as in Used to) studied with Taika. 
 They've also become quite loose with their use of the RyuTe Mon/Logo (and/or Taika's picture/image). Some, are even inferring (if not outright bragging) that they are now teaching Shi Ho Happo no Te ?
  They don't seem to mention that they were kicked-out of that (the RyuTe) association either (hmmmm,..?). I think that many of them believe that now that Taika is deceased, that the copyright laws no longer apply either,..(surprise! They still do!).
  In the past (or at least while Taika was still living) the RyuTe association has been restricted in how much information (details) regarding those member's who have been kicked-out could be made public. Although 90% of that information is already public record, it still was not allowed to be discussed (publicly) by the membership (and the membership of those organizations sure as hell wasn't going to bring those reasons up! even If they were actually aware of them! LOL).
  I believe that most of those members that felt they weren't getting all that they deserved (sob, sob, sniff, sniff) have left RyuTe and are now with shiny (no, literally) shiny new belts (and, as usual, bumped-up to higher ranks than they held previously, LOL). 
 Personally, “F”-'em, no big loss (at all). I know of NONE of them that contributed anything worthwhile to the association anyway. If the RyuTe association were to fold tomorrow, I would sooner join a romance book club, than to have any affiliation with those individual's.
 With their recent acts of disrespect at Taika's viewing as well as their wanna-be "thug-like" appearance and their disrespectful acts at the funeral (after being informed multiple times that they were in no way welcome there), what little (as if there were any) respect these people thought that they deserved (or even existed) is now completely gone.
  Fortunately, the majority of the remaining RyuTe membership consists of (more than a few) knowledgeable members (who aren't a pain, LOL). I know that most of the local (to K.C.MO.) member's are going to remain in contact (monthly training and such). I'll be curious to see how that goes, LOL. 


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Man of the West said...

Hmmmm. People had the nerve to show up when they knew darn well they weren't wanted? I suppose I'll hear about it soon enough. My own instructor was there (Smallish gent, early sixties, oxygen tubing? You probably saw him.), and he's texted me to say that while he's not breathing well enough for a class this week, he wants to "get together" soon, and I imagine it's to talk about some of this stuff.

I just took it for granted the Association would continue; I assumed the only question would be how the leadership would be organized. It never occurred to me that this might not already be settled.