Monday, June 25, 2012

Requiem For The Virtuoso of Te

  Having just returned from Taika's funeral, I was definitely moved by the words of many of those who spoke at the gathering. The implication was made as well, that Taika wished the Association to continue. Whether that will happen or not, is anyone's guess (at this time).

 The stories that were told by the attending member's were personal, heartfelt and emotional, to both those telling the stories, and to those of us who were listening. Though each speaker told their own personal story, they all described events that had occurred to every member in attendance in one way or another.

  Both before, and afterwords, I was able to speak to numerous member's that I hadn't seen in some time. There was no talk about the usual subjects. The only topic brought up, was the direction that RyuTe would now take. Unfortunately, nothing solid was determined, or at least not for today.
  I believe that although Taika is now gone, it isn't that he left us without any manner to proceed in our studies and research. Beyond the kata, Taika had developed his own exercises to assist us in our pursuit of technique application (and said as much, on numerous occasions).
  For those who are only beginning their study of RyuTe, or even those who have been doing so for some time, there will be little need for any manner of change (of practice/study) per say. The only occurrence that I fear, is some form of Bullshit (e.g. ki/chi, TCM, reiki etc.) study to be injected into the learning (of anyone's) curriculum (any of these nonsensical pursuits would be a complete waste of any serious student's time).
  The pursuit of any of these irrelevant subjects should be met with total disdain and contempt. If anyone is told that any of these subjects are in any way a part of RyuTe (or any of Taika's teachings), those people should be avoided (if not discarded or better yet, they should be ostracized, LOL).
  Over the next few months, there will be a general meeting of the minds (that be, LOL), and by the time of summer-camp, there should be a resolution of a future direction for the association. I do know that this year, the weapon's kata (agenda) being taught will only be for the advanced forms of the kata (no Kihon, e.g. basic). So at the very least summer camp will consist of new material.
  The obvious question is, who will be there? Not instructor wise, but in attendance. For those member's who plan on leaving the association, I'm sure this is an irrelevant question. Those individual's, I could (frankly) care less about. It's the one's who remain, and choose to further the goals of the association as a whole, and not only on (or for) a personal level that I'm interested in.
  I believe that the association as a whole, can (and should) continue. It's been rumored that (the whole) testing situation regarding the kyu ranks may be modified (god only knows what that means, LOL). I'm sure at some point (again, probably at summer-camp) the general membership will be informed about any changes (as well as receiving an updated version of the Association Dojo Rules).
  Taika may be gone, and we all will miss him dearly, but his association can and will live on. The only question is how it will be presented, and improved.

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