Monday, June 25, 2012

How do you learn, what isn't being taught?

  One of the more popular concerns in learning RyuTe, or even with learning only the Tuite that's associated with it, has been in finding an instructor. Very often, students are forced (by circumstances and/or by location) to settle for learning what's available to them (in their area). A recent comment on a prior blog post, (yet again) brought this issue to the forefront.
My question/concern has always been for people that just have no realistic opportunity to learn RyuTe. What the heck do you do if you've read about tuite online, but the only school within reasonable driving distance teaches sportified taekwon-do? “
  I've been asked about this very situation before. For every individual, the answer is going to be different. I can only provide my own perspective on finding instruction, and to what level one will go in order to learn what one wants to learn. RyuTe is unique, so finding legitimate instruction in it, will be just as unique.
  When one has limited options for instruction (because of their location), there are only 2 options, move (to where it is available) or learn what's available (where your already at). If/when asked, I would say move (to me, it's that important).
  I have encountered nothing else that equates to what I have learned within my study of RyuTe. I feel that the time I (wasted) spent with other methodology's, would have been better spent looking for a legitimate RyuTe instructor.
  Another proposition has been put forward also, over the years there have been a number of members of the Ryukyu Kempo (when Taika would still have anything to do with it) and then from the RyuTe Association, that were kicked out. Most often this was done because of some breach of faith (if not illegal) activity. Either way, the individual's were shown to be of less than respectable personality, and were subsequently kicked-out. They weren't given an option, they were kicked-out. This was done for a reason. Taika didn't want the association to be connected with these individual's any more, all.
  There are (many) people who like being associated with the whole “Bad-boy” image. Though I consider it a bit of a stretch to include these individual's into that category, everyone is entitled to have their fantasy's.
  The last of these individual's (that were kicked-out), were removed in the last couple of years. Not that any of them had been attending, much less training at any classes with Taika (other than a possible bi-annual appearance) over the previous 8-10 years.
  Are they knowledgeable? Well, yes, and no. This would be one case where basics, is basics. And “I” would only feel comfortable with learning those (basics) from those individual's/groups. It's not that they are un-knowledgable, only that they are not as-knowledgable (IMO).
  We've had numerous Ex-student's (of these groups) that have informed us and demonstrated to us, what/how things were shown/taught. IMO, not necessarily (nor always) wrong, just not always correct.
  There will always be rumors/gossip about both (present and ex-Ryute member's). To myself, it's more important that you obtain an instructor that is to your liking. My feelings about these people are irrelevant (to anyone seeking instruction). I would only suggest that you find an instructor that maintained a steady (and respected) relationship to the association and with Taika for as long as Taika was alive.
  Just keep in mind, the greater the time before Taika's death that an individual was kicked out of the association (and I'm only aware of One long-term person, that left on good terms), the greater the difference between what they are teaching, and what Taika advocated as being correct, will that information/instruction be.


Man of the West said...

God knows I can see your point. I have to admit that there are still occasional times when some element of body motion or other that I picked up from taekwon-do comes back to haunt me. If I'd never learned it, I wouldn't be concerned with forgetting it.

Lee E. Richards said...

Some people like Alan Amor were kicked out nearly 20 years ago by Taika and have had [b]absolutely no contact with him[/b] since the time of their rightful expulsion. He and others have founded their own sects of Ryukyu Kempo, teaching the basics that they grasped in some cases, decades old. Taika continued to grow in his direction and continued to share more and more knowledge as he went. Dillman, Amor, Minor, Newton, Gossett, Stark, Stallone, Shintaku and others were expelled for reasons clear to Taika and missed out on this knowledge. These people have set upon a different path than him and are not teaching his art. Some had not trained in 10, 20 or nearly 30 years. That is decades of growth and trust they missed out on by Taika. They have taken a part of what they grasped from him during their tenure, but his style moved on.

If you wish to train in RyuTe® Ren Mei, seek a list of instructors at If you wish to train elsewhere, that is your wish. Just know that these people and others using Ryukyu Kempo as their name are not associated in any way, shape or form with RyuTe® Ren Mei and Taika's art.

Man of the West said...

I'll stick with RyuTe, of course! My big ambition is to be able to teach a class under my own instructor's supervision within the next two years, so as to make it a little easier for folks to find instruction in Northeast Oklahoma.