Thursday, June 28, 2012

All You Need is a Gimmick

(or How to Rip-Off anyone by Creating Your Very Own Martial Art System)

  I was recently reading an article on the various “belief” systems that have been created in the martial arts. The exact combat methods associated with them are irrelevant. It's those associated beliefs that all have the similar traits and their (disturbingly) similar biases as well.
  The most popular of these belief systems, was the concept of Chi or Ki. It would appear that only in the West are these concepts reviled with such reverence and awe. In the East it seems these concepts are viewed quite differently.
  Ki is a much more matter of fact, if not blasé subject. It would appear that only in the west is this belief carried to the extremes that I consider so disgusting. Contrary to what many of these joker's would have you believe, TCM is not considered a reliable or preferred method of medical treatment. Nor is the concept believed to have the same level of effect (or even relevance) that's commonly attributed to it (here) in the West (in regards to martial arts).
  When Taika first demonstrated his application of kyusho strikes, it was presumed to be attributed to this “Ki” concept. Despite Taika's denial, the various charlatan's immediately jumped on the opportunity to exploit Taika's popularity (and thereby increase their own through presumably having an association with him).
  I can think of nothing else that so irritated Taika as someone bringing up the TCM nonsense in regards to what he taught (much less too him). Taika only emphasized practice and study in order to understand the how, where and why of a technique's application.
  Related to this concept is the understanding/knowledge of Kyusho “point” locations. There has been a tremendous amount of (Western) interest in the Bubushi, but despite the advertized hype this text has had little to no correlation to what Taika has shown, taught and demonstrated (in regards to what, how and where his technique's are performed).
  What I have found most amazing is the subsequent creation of numerous (wanna-be) Kyusho-type/based “systems”(?). These supposed systems (or at least their creator's) have Dan ranks and titles attributed to this (supposed) knowledge, all of which I find to be hysterical. This is equivalent to claiming to have a “system” based around the hand shapes of striking methods (hence my personal amusement).
  Taika's direct interpretation of kata motions (bunkai) were revolutionary (at the time). He stated that motions were between two individual's, and that the aggressor was (beginning) either in front of you, or behind you (instead of several of them being all around you).

Each motion was shown to have a purpose. that purpose may change as one's understanding of the motions did, but there were no useless motions included in the kata. 
  Though sounding mundane (now), at the time, these were (all) revolutionary ideas and concepts. No one else was teaching these idea's/perspectives. Taika changed the way (all) martial arts were viewed, and what should be expected from them. His perspectives raised the bar on what should be expected from a martial art/system.
  When Taika was initially doing his “Road Show” (demonstrating his technique's and applications), persons would approach him for instruction. He would offer them to join his association, and would even provide them with a “rank” certificate (usually of 1 grade higher than they held in their present system). This was done (of course) without being aware of how badly people (Americans) falsified their previous knowledge/ranking.
  Not realizing how (much) this would be exploited, numerous individual's acquired their (supposed) “ranking” in his methodology and then promptly left, in pursuit of their own interests. Those same individual's have since made great claims of having studied from Taika (when in fact, they only attended a number of seminars).
  Unlike the original Frankenstein creation (of Mary Shelly), Taika's instructions wound-up becoming the source-blood of several monsters (a.k.a. schools) that were begat from his original teachings (teachings that would later be abandoned, to be replaced by the present form of RyuTe).
 Because the promoters of those parasitic creations had (only) incomplete knowledge, they were unable to assemble an equivalently complete defensive system. This (in turn) created a shadow of doubt to be (unfairly) attributed to Taika's teachings (and to some minor degree, RyuTe). These imitator's only possessed limited knowledge, they lacked the ability to assemble a complete and comprehensive system (of defense). Their inability was often unjustly (also) attributed to Taika's system of RyuTe.
  Despite Taika's passing, RyuTe remains in a state of evolution, continuing to morph into an even more comprehensive (yet simplistic) system, that can be performed by anyone that possesses the desire to study and understand the principles that Taika has  presented and left for us.
 But for those that don't want to waste their time learning a system, they need only create their own (system). Apparently it's fairly easy (everybody's doing it). All that's needed (evidently), is a Gimmick.....

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Anonymous said...

I hope the hell it doesn't turn out like the Ed parker system my God the further away from United states you get the crazier it is , Taika earned the respect he got, but he always had his snakes. A sad reality and the way things go when A great master dies