Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Your (Probably) Not a "Martial" Artist

  It's been interesting to observe the various practitioner's of martial art's over the years. Many tend to emphasize the idea that they are, and that they practice the "martial" way of combat. 
 Well, in 40 years (total) of exposure to dozens (if not hundreds, LOL) of "martial" arts instructor's (and their classes), I've NEVER encountered one that actually was a "Martial" arts class.  
  Despite all the implications (to the contrary), every class that I've observed has taught civilian defensive tactics/techniques. I've instructed numerous students who have had "martial" (i.e. Military) training/instruction, but every one of them have sucked at (civilian) defensive tactics and techniques (which is why they came to us for the training that we provide) .
 Frankly, what the military teaches for "hand to hand" tactics sucks for (any) civilian application (which is also why I laugh at these "military" based/styled systems). 
  There is NO military unit in the World that focuses on training their soldiers to fight "hand to hand". Any military unit/soldier that is fighting hand to hand has "F'd-Up" (royal). 
 All military entity's train their soldier's to fight with weapon's (firearm's specifically). They focus their training on using that firearm, not on fighting with their hand's and feet (that's just Stupid). 
 You can preach the "yeah, but what if" (B.S.) all you want. It means nothing. Soldier's are trained to use firearms to kill their enemy, and do so at a distance (the greater the distance, the better). When/if that enemy is, or has gotten closer, then they have "fucked-up" (hence the focus placed upon their soldier's firearm's ability, the great equalizer).
 Military Tactics, are based upon "group" tactics (not individual tactics/techniques). That is the BIG difference between military training, and civilian training. Civilian training also has a greater amount of legal issues to contend with (or at least is supposed to).
 The vast majority of military (taught) tactics and procedures would be illegal to perform during a typical civilian confrontation/situation. 
 Despite the focus made upon "weapon's" training (in many systems, including the one we train our students in), that emphasis is done to train the student in the motions being performed during an unarmed confrontation.  
 We are not training our student's to be "warrior's". We're training them to be able to defend/protect themselves during a confrontational situation. 
 Our intent is not to create "warriors", LOL. It is to train "average" students to protect themselves during a (typical) physical assault. it is that type of situation that the majority of students may(?) have to contend with. 
 The vast majority of confrontations are situational (i.e."surprise")  occurrences. Individual's who are skilled combatant's, are generally experienced. It would only be during a rare situations that a "skilled" combatant would (ever) launch any manner of "fair" confrontation (such as one practiced during a "sparring" situation). 
 The majority of physical confrontations, are verbal dispute's that escalate into physical confrontations (and just as often, do so unnecessarily).
 These types of defensive situations have no relation to (any) military manner of training. That manner of training is only geared towards fulfilling some "wanna-Be's" fantasy. We prefer to stick to (actual) reality training, (not fantasy exercises). 

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