Thursday, July 11, 2013


 Well, it's time for the association's annual "summer conference". Considering the various events that have occurred during the past year, I'm curious as to the attendance (compared to the previous year). The association has had numerous "events" transpire over the interim since then. I'm also wondering if the association will "fracture" (into several entities), or if it will remain as one cohesive organization. 
 I'm still attempting to figure out what (exactly) the association can still provide to it's member's? Ever increasing "rank" is worthless (IMO), so the only other facet would be information/training. The question would be in what (exactly). 
 I presume that this summer conference will provide answers to these questions, unfortunately I won't be attending (though my associate "may"). If so, then perhaps I can acquire some answers (that I can possibly relay to my readers). I'm aware that many (such as myself) are unable to attend this years function, and have many of the same questions.  
 There appears to be an increasing emphasis being placed on "weapons"(kata) training. Personally, I have very little interest in that subject. I study Taika's system to further develop my "open" hand (unarmed) principles and tactics (which is what captured my original interest in Taika's methodology). 
 I also made note that they only list a single instance (a 1-3 hour's window's worth) of Tuite instruction being offered? (for a 3-Day seminar?) considering the level of ability that I've been seeing displayed, I would think an entire day (if not more) should be offered (at least on application principles, if not technique).
  We are additionally (if not anxiously) awaiting the new "Association/Dojo Handbook". These are the guidelines for member's and schools to conduct any association related business as well as any annual fee amounts (owed to the association over the course of the year).
  "Supposedly" (and only via "rumor" at this time) only "SSH" member's are going to be allowed to conduct "seminars", which makes no sense (if accurate). If that's the case, then (technically) "we" aren't supposed to conduct any seminars outside of our own dojo (or so we are being led to believe at this time). If so, This will likely create a problem (in our intentions at this time). 
 This implies that "we" aren't allowed to conduct any of the seminars that we presently offer (including our "6 Principles of Tuite" seminars) outside of our own school. If that proves to be accurate, then we will definitely have a problem.
 Since Taika's passing, I've noted several of the (RyuTe) Association dojo "websites" have ceased listing that system as being what's taught at their school. It gives one the impression that they will be separating themselves from the main association. If that's the case, then so be it ("I" won't be missing them, I don't believe they offer anything of import worth missing, much less retaining). 
 I had written in prior blogs that I was concerned over the event of "Isolationism". My concern was in regards to this very (type of) fracturing that could possibly occur. The student's of schools that are (kept) separated from interaction with other association schools
can become delusional (regarding their training/abilities). 
 It has been for that reason, that we have (always) encouraged our own students to interact with as many "other" schools as was practical for them to (for the reason of gaining exposure to the different teaching/training practices conducted by different instructors). We feel that by (the students) expanding their exposure to those different instructors and methods, they will enhance their own learning/training. 
 Unfortunately, this practice is not always condoned by very many of the other schools/dojo (within both our own association, as well as that of "other" systems). It would seem there is a great paranoia within the defensive arts instructional community as a whole (possibly a "concern" for losing one's students?).
  Regardless, we'll see what transpires at this years summer conference. "I" will (unfortunately) be out of town, watching my son graduate from "boot camp", LOL (U.S. Army). But I'm sure my associate will fill me in on any events that transpire during this years event.



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