Friday, March 23, 2012

Preemptive Analysis

  I seem to do a lot of writing about stuff that happens during an altercation, and not too much about things that are going on before the occurrence of one. Some might view this as an over-site, but frankly, I have a hard time understanding why people don't (naturally) already know this stuff.
The following list points out a lot of the more common Aggressive Intent Indicator's commonly displayed by (wanna-be) “Alpha” types. Though usually made by Men, they could also be exhibited by physically hostile Females as well. If this list was for the Predator type of aggressor #1, you'd probably never see them prior to the confrontation beginning. If you did see them, the odds of the aggression even happening would be cut in half (if not more).

Glaring, staring (essentially, sizing you up)
Making unprovoked accusations, threats, demands. 
Swearing for no apparent reason
Baiting or attempting to provoke an aggressive response from you
Moving into range, this can be either forward, or back
Unusual or out-of-place body movements
Aggressive gestures
Agitated pacing
Clenched fists (clenching in conjunction with a wide opening of the
Forward/Rearward weight shift
Straightening of the spine / puffing of the chest
Adopting a fighting stance
Positioning and/or creating space to move or draw a weapon
Teeth clenched, or other stiff or shaking body movements,
(often done in conjunction w/growling)
Cocking your arm back prior to punching or striking;
Tensing/raising your neck, shoulder, or arms prior to striking;
Widening your eyes or raising your eyebrows;
Shifting your shoulders;
Grinning or opening your mouth; and
Taking a sudden and deep breath. 

Other subconscious indications
  Sudden face flush (turning red), When that “Red Face” turns white (which is an ANAEROBIC RESPONSE) it is an indication that subject will attack.                             
  When a person is looking at you, then suddenly looks away, or is looking away, then suddenly looks at you, this is referred to as a Target glance (as when sighting a gun), or a witness check, reviewing how many are around (a quasi-dramatic effect, LOL).

  Change in rate, tone, pitch, or volume of a person’s voice (ie. A “Shouter”),who previously was giving a speech about your faults/disrespect whatever, becomes quiet, or doubles in volume (so as too display/show-off your trouncing).

A Sudden change in a person’s breathing, sudden deep breath.

  As I said, to me, any of these can be something that gets my attention. Not that any of them are a guarantee that something is about to happen, but they definitely are something that warrants attention.
  For those of you who haven't ever been in a fight, go to a schoolyard playground, and watch two little boys who are about to get into a fight. They'll display about everything that's on that list. It doesn't matter the age (5-55), unless someone has trained themselves not to display these actions, they will (almost always) occur (that's what makes them “natural” motions/reactions, LOL).

  Simply being aware that a confrontation is about to occur, doesn't make it go-away. There have to be active steps made to nullify a developing situation. There are also those situations that (despite your best efforts) can't be dissipated and/or you can't (physically) get away from. It's those situations that we train student's to respond to. 
  Knowing (as much as one can, LOL) that a confrontation is about to occur, the defender (tori) should already have their defensive motion in mind, and be prepared to implement it at the first sign of perceived aggression. There is no law that says you have to be struck and/or injured before you can do anything to protect yourself. I've had lawyer's (as students) that did not know this (WTF, they couldn't have been very good lawyer's, LOL. Oh well, They didn't last long as student's anyhow).

  If you have your defensive motion prepared (in your head), that's the only thing you really need to concentrate on. Don't give a S&%t about what they have to say to you, only think about protecting yourself (when questioned by the police later, you were too scared to understand or worry about whatever it was that he/she was saying).

  Too often people make the mistake of attempting to carry on a logical conversation. (uh, WTF) If you've reached the point of concern for your own well being, fuck conversation. Keep in mind, having to Think (concentrate) about something besides what's happening right NOW, is distracting (that's why it was brought up, they don't GAF what your response is, or will be. When you (obviously) start thinking about it (your “answer”), is when you get plowed (confrontation over, are you).

  If they've walked away, your (once again) screwed. By walking away, the confrontation has ended. If you pursue them “your” (now) the aggressor. And frankly, if you do, you deserve to get your ass kicked, and if they have a bunch of friends there, they'll probably get some shots in also (which everyone will deny ever happened and your just whining about getting your ass handed to you).

  Basically, getting into a confrontation sucks. It never goes how you've (ever) imagined it. And it rarely ever will. The best one can plan for (if/when you do wind up in one), is that you've practiced your defensive motions sufficiently to execute them effectively, so that your not contemplating what you couldah/shouldah have done, on your way to the hospital (or Jail). 


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