Thursday, March 8, 2012

It's All Going To Hell!

(and other forecasts of paranoid Doom & Gloom,.. update at 11 )

  Wow, I just finished reading a post that was absolutely filled with general assumptions and (the ever popular) knee-jerk reactionary responses. Equally surprising, was that it was from England. When I read it, my first assumption was that it was from some radical Right-wing American! LOL.
  This individual was crying (OK, lamenting....) over the corrupted youth of today, and how they have no respect for their seniors, blah, blah, blah. (Gee, I've never heard of that happening before). He also went on about weapons, and how the law is (obviously, LOL) tilted in favor of the criminal.
  There were numerous additional tidbits of “society gone bad”, but they all were summarized by how you (or your children) should attend this guy's martial arts classes (huh?, ..who da' thunk?).
  By chance, I had recently made passing mention (in a blog), of how martial arts advertisements in G.B. Weren't (quite) as bad as they are here (in the U.S.). Guess I just hadn't seen them.
  Regardless, this individual brought up commonly (miss)used statistics and assumptions regarding criminals, and criminal behavior. He was even pushing the previously discredited (American) L.E. Report about how often “fights”, go to the ground.
  Possibly because I instruct, and hang-out around “cops”, I'm more sensitive to statistic quoting when it's being used to justify some Right-field opinion (especially if/when the person pushing it, seeks to make a profit from it's acceptance).
  I have many problems with schools that attempt to scare people into wanting to attend classes. #1, it's just deceitful. Though learning to protect themselves, is commonly quoted as being the excuse for people use for attending a M.A. Class, Fear, is a more accurate description.
  More often (and more accurately) than not, that fear, is completely unjustified (and/or greatly exaggerated). I believe that if the aforementioned individual had been here (in the U.S.), he would of no-doubt (in my mind) been running a CCW (Concealed-Carry Weapon) Class (for firearms). Every piece of propaganda that he promoted, was based upon the same fear driven nonsense that those individual's here are following (and doing so in droves, LOL).
  Before anybody starts Peeing their pants about my anti-Concealed Carry statement, there's a few technical considerations to be made here. That statement is in regards to Missouri's CCW laws. They SUCK, and they were put-in by Amateur wanna-be Idiot's. I've bewailed elsewhere about the many, many things that were done wrong with those laws here (in Missouri) so I won't bother to readdress them again (and FWI, I'm also an ex-gunsmith and IPSC competitor).
  The desire to be efficient at protecting one's self, is a legitimate concern. Though no one can plan when or if they may be assaulted, one can have a plan for if that occurrence should happen.
  When persons approach me about studying, I usually ask them why they want to (and I'll ask them several different ways). What (eventually, LOL) comes out (from males), is that they always just thought it would be cool. This, I can relate to, LOL. For females, it's usually some event (be it to themselves, or someone they know) that prompts them to consider being able to protect themselves.
  What I tell either (male and/or female), is that it's a lot of work (on their part). No one else can do (any of) it for them. The study of Te, is an individual endeavor. Everyone progresses at a different rate/speed (their own). When they do learn something, the only person that's made learning that ability possible, is themselves.
  Now when all the marauding communist zombies begin their attack, just remember to duck and cover!  (because the only thing that will stop that sh&zbit!, is gonna be one of dim thar A-Bomber's! so stay under your desk) and keep abreast of the latest anti-zombie tactics illustrated on Walking Dead!

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