Sunday, September 16, 2012

Questionable Credentials

  I was doing my usual rummaging about upon the internet and came across a video of a “seminar”(?) put on by a student of one of the “EX” RyuTe® members (who was actually “kicked-out” around 20 years ago).
  It was only interesting, in regards to how they are incorrectly teaching the techniques. The teaching methodology that they are using (in this recent video, from 8/2012), is the same as what was taught 30 years ago (and even then, is being shown incorrectly).
  It was obvious that “their” organization (or “alliance” as it were) hasn't changed (improved) their teaching methods for those techniques (even a little) since it was first shown to their organization's leader.
  From some of the dialog made during this “seminar”, the demonstrator eluded that the group he was showing this stuff to, wasn't part of their alliance (I have to assume that it must have been a recruitment seminar?).
  Seeing that “teaching” is (supposed to be) the main emphasis (for an instructor), one would think that this group would have improved their teaching (as well as their performance/execution) methodology's over the last 20 years.
  If a reader should stumble upon it, they could use it as a “what not to do” reference video (both in how to do a video/seminar, and of the material contained therein). I saw/heard (maybe?) 2 semi-correct statements made during the entire video (of approx. 30min.).
  My first inclination, was to list the (many) mistakes being made, demonstrated and stated within this video, but frankly, if your not able to (obviously) recognize and/or figure them out for yourself, it shouldn't be my responsibility to do so for you (to myself, they are that obvious).
  Beyond being the example of what/how NOT to do a training/seminar video, this abortion examples why seeking qualified instruction is paramount to obtaining legitimate training information. 
  I have (on several of my own blogs) attempted to explain that the majority of what various people are calling "Tuite" (on the internet) rarely is. Even when what they are attempting to utilize are some of Taika's techniques, they do so incorrectly
 This (supposed) "example" clearly illustrates the fact that even when someone has had actual  exposure to tuite (in their training history), doesn't mean that they really know what their talking about (or doing).


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