Friday, September 21, 2012

A Book Review (?)

  My associate was describing the fallacy's that circulate amidst the martial arts community in regards to “Tuite” recently (to a class attendee). This individual is another (RyuTe®) instructor's student, and is attending our class to expand their own tuite/kyusho knowledge/exposure.
  While discussing the various nonsense that permeates the industry (as a whole), they were discussing the various “crap” that was being purported to being “Tuite”. My associate pulled one of his books off of the shelf and was describing it's contents to the individual (and basically whining about how he had wasted  $ on buying that particular book on-line, LOL).
  He then stated that “I” should write a review of the book on my blog. Unfortunately (for Me), That meant that I would have to (actually) read it (to provide an honest review). I'm not exactly certain of where, when or how, but my associate should best remember that pay-backs are hell.
  I happen to read quite a bit. Not as much as when I was younger, but I still read fairly quickly, and with a respectable level of literacy. This particular book was an exercise in the tolerance of stupidity and ignorance
The book was
 “Okinawan Karate”(The Secret Art of Tuite). By Javier Martinez
  Before I had finished the “introduction”, I had to search the internet to (try) to find this guys credential's (which I could not do). To be fair, I became board after about an hour. The only thing that I did find, was that he was from San Juan, Pueto Rico,...uh,... that's all?... Now I'm sure there's more (somewhere), but if it takes longer than an hour to find out that (little) bit of information on/about him, I don't give a sh*t about him (he's the one wanting to make claims of knowledge, he should provide that information, … somewhere, LOL).
  The “book”, was also 12 freaking years old, LOL. If it had made any matter of influence upon the martial arts community, I think it would have done so by now, LOL. It's (basically) filled with his assumptions about (everything) “Te”. He provided a (very) biased opinion about how he believed te developed on Okinawa (which, according to him, it didn't).
  He began, by illustrating his own ignorance of the language. He stated that “he” couldn't find anyone on Okinawa that could/would tell him about “Tuite” (he states that no one knew anything about it), Well “Fin' no Sh*t dumbass, LOL (I've written a blog on this very subject). Taika made the word up (read the explanatory blog on“Tuite” (The “word”) as to why). All these moron's that claim to teach “Tuite” don't know what the “F” their talking about. They may teach tori te, or even tuide, but they won't be teaching tuite, unless they studied it from Taika.
  To be (some-what) fair, he's only jumping on the (same) bandwagon that everyone else had done (hell, everybody “now” teaches Tuite, just ask em”, LOL). 
  Once I slogged through his (whiny) search for instruction (for which he obviously found somebody, though I doubt their legitimacy once having read his conclusions). I had to read through his speculative history (which he transposed various documented time periods to fit into his theory's).
  In a nutshell (in “his” theory), everything came from China, the indigenous people (both Okinawan and Japanese) got everything from China (they just re-labled and re-worked it to call it thiers). He states that people (that he shows his stuff to) are threatened by his explanations. Hmmm, ..No, I think the are offended by his revisionist statements, and transposing of historical events.
  If one makes it through his historical accounts, he attempts to define kata motions. The interpretations that he provides, are (IMO) ridiculous. To myself, hair-pulling and finger tweaks, are hardly something that (anyone) would have deliberately placed into a kata.
  He attempts to introduce “his” terminology for defining categories of techniques (basically, 3 or more syllable words for each, that sound very technical/scientific, but are only confusing and incorrect if not simply misleading). In a further attempt to cover all the bases, he also mentions the TCM (crap), but only briefly (I suppose in an attempt to appeal to all the different “camps” on the issue, LOL).
  He also describes (and provides some well-drawn sketches for) all the hand motions/grabs that “He” uses, but NEVER covering any of the motions that most (Okinawan) systems (including RyuTe®) use. His description of a punch, and it's execution are flawed (IMO), and the described hand techniques are pathetic
  His illustrated “bunkai” is (IMO)...stupid. He states that what is shown is “basic”, but what I see, are overly involved and complicated motions of questionable application ability, other words, Stupid.
  The written conclusion (at the end of the book) was a condescending speech about his own “greater” abilities and how the Okinawan's needed to understand that everything they do, is Chinese in origin (basically implying that they're too stupid to of developed anything themselves).
  Basically, it made me want to get a plane ticket to San Juan, just to bitch-slap this self-righteous know-nothing....But, I also had to temper my thoughts with the fact that this guy has gone nowhere. The book was written in 2001?, and I've certainly never heard of him. He obviously never “sold” his BS to the general public. I did find it amazing how many “book reviews” were favorable towards it, some were even recent (within the last 8 months).
  The fact that this piece of trash (the book, LOL) is even still in print, makes it clear (to me) that there are (still) a lot of severely un-informed people out there. It's publications like this one, that further muddy the water's of information, and basic knowledge. 
  If anyone has anything favorable to say in regards to this book, please let me know what the f*#k it would be, because I found nothing in this book to be of either accuracy or value.


Anonymous said...

Hey Tony---Just wanted to reference you to something Taika said in an interveiw November 1981:and I quote: "You do not need a mouth to be a karateka. You do not have to brag about what you can do and what someone else can not do. Do not brag that your style is better than everyone else`s. Even though there are many different styles, we are still karateka." I am sure that some of the things you are saying are not meant to sound like you are an expert on the subjects you discuss but you are coming across that way.

I am one of the people you call an outcast or a traitor because I choose to study with Sensei **** ***** --so be it---I find Sensei ***** to be a man of integrity and since I know the Full story of why he chose the path he did and not from what you have surmised or heard thru the grape vine then for what it is worth what you have said is offensive and nasty in it`s content and language. Jim King

Openhand said...

Hey Jim,
To begin with, this particular blog is a review of a “book”. My “opinion” is paramount to determining that evaluation. In that regard, I found the contents of this book to be pathetic (believe me, I held back a great deal of my opinions here). As for the rest of your commentary, it should have been posted on a different blog, or in a personal message. Seeing that you didn't do so, it was clearly done with the intent to cause/create some manor of public “attack”(?), “embarrassment”(?), “excuse(?)” by/for your instructor? (I have no idea). Regardless...

Please list where/when I state (or even imply) that “I” am any manner an “expert” (read the side-bar). That being stated, when compared to this book, it wouldn't require much to be considered as having more talent (with Tuite) than the author (what's shown is that BAD).

In regards to your “off-subject” comments, If someone chooses to go their own way, so be it (I don't really care). As for knowing the “full-story” on your present instructor's ejection from RyuTe/Shin Shu Ho, I'm fully aware of what Taika's opinion on the matter was (it was Taika's decision to “kick him out” over his various infractions and his insubordination). The individual in question refused to communicate with him (Taika), so if there was any “misunderstanding”, it was on the part of that “individual” (his actions spoke quite clearly to everyone else).

Please list what was “offensive” and “nasty” (for me), keep in mind this is an “adult” blog, I do not write for “minor's and/or children” to read. Having spent several years having various discussions with you, I know that profanity is not a major issue with you, so what exactly was (undeservedly) “offensive”?