Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Hyperbole-Martial Arts

  I've spent the better part of my day combing the internet for articles and blogs that I might find of interest to read. All I can say is wow,.... there is an incredible amount of misinformed, if not generally stupid individual's out there presenting their opinions about martial arts in general, that have no business proclaiming themselves to be the experts that their supposed rank would attest to.

  I read (2) articles that were written by an “ex”(?) police officer who was decrying that martial arts (in general) had no business being taught to, or studied by police officer's (in general). Although,....He was teaching wing chun (and owns the school) that was offering discounts to officer's (??, because “he” knew how/what to teach officers),....what-ever.

  I read numerous articles about Krav Magah, Macah, Macaw,...what-ever. All of which substantiated my prior beliefs about it being a quasi-wanna-be military half-ass pummeling method for similarly minded people (despite that numerous proponents are attempting to organize more main stream “kiddie” training programs for it).

  The Mixed-up Martial Arts Meatheads are (still) intent on making that crap publicly accepted(able). I found numerous adverts for schools offering MMA training for preschoolers? (WTF?). It's bad enough that their attempting to teach that trash as being for “Self-defense”, but to preschooler's?

  There would appear to be plenty of articles about how “traditional” martial arts are out-dated, ineffective and don't teach students to defend against the “modern criminal” (and just what that is, they never seem to explain). I think these guys (and gals) have seen too many reruns of Bladerunner (for establishing their “bad-guy” model).

  It would appear “Home invasions” are the latest (Scary) thing to be afraid of. I've received 4 (independent) E-mails, that are all geared towards training me to defend against this rising scourge! According to (their) statistics, the odds of it occurring to me (or my family!, as they've pointed out) are 1 in 8! (? uh, huh?). 1 in 8 what ? Years that in might happen? It was then that I noticed that all of these adverts were from British Huckster's,...Ohhhhhhhhh, that explains it (I think?).

  I did read one site that wanted to change “Mixed” martial arts to “Blended” martial arts. I thought that was a much more descriptive phrasing. Stating that you teach a “BM” art is much more (accurate) appropriate (I know my medical profession readers will relate).

  I had restricted my search to only the previous year, so the “which martial art is the best” articles were limited to only 2 pages of found searches (after reading 2 of these, I skipped the whole category).

  Considering that I had limited my search to only include Instruction of martial arts, I still only had about 15 “hits”, that were for Paid-programs (on how to teach martial arts). I actually expected more (and maybe I just didn't open any more that were).

  After milking that subject for (far) more than it was worth, I did some searches for tuite, kyusho and finally, RyuTe. Being somewhat familiar with the registered RyuTe membership and Dojo's, I found it odd that there are so many RyuTe Dojo's in Europe and their being ran by unknown “RyuTe” Yudansha (of substantial Rank level, that I wasn't even aware of, Hmmm).

  Judging by the accompanying photos (on those sites), they would appear to have an equally substantial student base! (not to mention the numerous video posts made of/for seminars being offered by them). 


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