Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Apathetic or just Pathetic?

  Somehow, my teaching associate and myself became involved in a conversation about the popular “Passive/Internal” martial arts. This would include Tai chi, Aikido, etc. (and several of what many might consider to be internal martial arts). I've no longer invest much concern with these types of pursuits, nor have I been convinced that they warranted any either.
  I've written previously of my Aikido excursion, and any exposure that I've had (or mentally suffered through) with Hapkido, has been equally disappointing. I did enjoy Judo, not as a defensive method, but as a learning tool. My exposure to Jujutsu (regardless of the flavor) has always been lukewarm. That methodology just always seems to be ...lacking (and usually in numerous ways).
  My associates greatest problem (with the majority of these methods) would appear to be the methods of practice that many of them use. Aikido in particular (when practicing responses to striking methods) uses ridiculous aggressive motions (being utilized by the uke). These methods are not intended to be representative of an actual aggression. They are being used for learning the principles of motion (performed during an aggression).
  Additionally, the tori is intentionally attempting to not cause injury (to the uke). Aikido seeks a different finally to a conflicts resolution than when compared to how RyuTe trains students. Aikido stresses that the uke should receive little (if any) injury in response to their aggressive behavior. 
  In recent years (the past 20 or so) “CombatAikido has become (somewhat) popular. Essentially, all it amounts to is smaller circles of technique application, and the addition of some strikes. And yeah, that's what the Fat Blow-Hard Stephen Segal purports to practice.
  Even when shortened, or shrunk (condensed?), I've never been real comfortable or impressed with, nor confidant about Aikido techniques and their effectiveness. Over time (and with experience) I've learned numerous counters and manners to neutralize the application of those (types of) techniques. I've also heard it argued that RyuTe uses several Aikido/Jujutsu techniques. That I can dispute (being familiar with both). Though appearing similar, the motions applications are distinctly different (which makes all the difference in the world when/if attempting to apply a counter-technique to them).
  Our most recent exposure to these forms of application, were observed on postings by an individual that was claiming (to of had) exposure to RyuTe (as well as a dozen other arts, and yes, he had multi-level dan ranks in most all of them (though not in RyuTe), and yes, he is under 25yrs. Old, so you just KNOW he must be good).
  He was having one of his mook's perform the typical run at the tori with your hand over your head with a shuto (attack?). He then performed the standard sweep the arm back and forth, then throw the uke away (technique?). He also had pictures of his student's holding (obviously) Fake guns (to what end I have no idea, I do KNOW that HE has zero firearm knowledge, much less how to deal with individual's who would have one).
  It's individual's like this that need to be ignored (until they go away). That, or run them out of town (I understand Tar & Feathering is now illegal). All that they accomplish, is screwing up perfectly innocent student's by making them believe that the Crap that their peddling is worth a shit (Gods forbid he should be charging them, that would constitute fraud, IMO).

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