Sunday, April 1, 2012

Aggressor "Types"


Alpha                                                                                                                           Predator

  As a rule, I don't “pimp” other websites. Not that I'm being a Dick-Tator about it, I just don't want to (indirectly) offend any of those sites writer's (which I am prone to doing, though not always intentionally). This doesn't mean I always agree/disagree with them, only that I don't wish them to believe that I'm berating anything at them directly (If I did have a particular bone to pick with anyone, rest assured, I have no qualms about doing so, LOL).

  A few weeks back, I was reading the Low-TechCombat site's publication “Human Combative Behavior Manifesto”. They requested that I submit an opinion of it (which I did), and I thought I'd augment that opinion here (and Yes, it was positive).

  When discussing aggressor “types” (with my students), it can be distracting (as an instructor) to differentiate between the different categories of aggressor that they (the civilian student) could be facing. What this publication provides, is a (simplistic) manner to quickly categorize the type of aggressor that the student is dealing with. 
  The basic break-down (of the publication), is that there are 2 (basic) categories of aggressor that a person will have to contend with, these are the Alpha and the Predator. Each has distinct tendencies and traits that have to be dealt with differently.

  The Alpha-type, is what/whom 95% of all confrontations will be with. These are the individual's (male or female) that have decided, for whatever reason, that you, are or have, caused them to (either) lose status or can be used to gain/regain that status (through a physical altercation, ???....NO, I don't know the answer/reason to/for every situation, LOL).

  This “type” is also the least life-threatening of the two categories. Though any situation can become deadly (whether intentionally or not) For the vast majority of these types of confrontations, one can verbally deescalate the level of physical danger (commonly, with a simple apology). Though seemingly reprehensible to many, this simple tactic will defuse many of the Alpha made threats. 
  The Predator though, is the aggressor (and confrontation) that you'll likely never see, until your already in the middle of it (and usually already hurt and/or bleeding). The predator doesn't want you to know that they're after you, and will go to extremes to prevent you from knowing, until they've already attacked.
  The Predator is ONLY interested in Money, or your Life Ending (for what-ever reason). These individual's Cannot be reasoned with (nor will they even spend any more time talking than is necessary). They only want your money/items (jewelry, car, electronics, even clothing). None of which is worth your life (meaning let them fucking have those stupid fucking THINGS).
  If their goal is to Kill you, then you likely won't even be given the opportunity to prevent them from doing so. People who have survived these types of attacks, have stated that they were in denial up to the point that they passed out (usually from loss of blood).
  Though the Predator is whom most people claim to be learning to protect themselves from. More often than not (and for endless other reasons) the truth is that most are learning a martial art, to defend themselves in an “Alpha”(type of) confrontation/situation.
A number of my student's are Law Enforcement Officer's, so they  are (often) dealing with those Predator types. the majority of my students are not (officer's), so they are usually being confronted with some manner of disgruntled Alpha (or "wanna-be"). When I write about confrontations, the majority of that subject matter, is based upon the Alpha (model) confrontation. I believe the majority of classes like to claim that their material is based upon the Predator (type aggressor) model, but I believe that to be a generally unjustified, as well as inexperienced claim.

  The site Low-TechCombat (over-all) deals with situational and instructional techniques and subjects. Though not always being about subjects that are relevant or interesting to myself, I'm certain that many people will find the site very captivating. Their “manifesto” I believe to be a decent read, and I have actually incorporated it into my own student's reference material. 


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