Friday, May 8, 2015

North Carolina Seminar June 13/14

   My associate (Lee Richards) and myself in conjunction with one of our fellow Kenshukai/RyuShinkan Yudansha, (and who is another personal student of Oyata's, Lisa Ohmes) will be teaching in  Dallas, North Carolina on June 13/14 
(at the Classical Bujutsu Regional Training Camp). 

  We will be teaching our 6 Principles of Tuite as well my two associates teaching the introductory sliding Tan Bo bridge/drill  (and applications as time allows), as well as the exclusive Chizikunbo bridge/drill.  (These were both learned by them directly from Taika Seiyu Oyata).

 We'll have to see what's available (time/space wise), but for those wanting to exclusively work on Tuite Jutsu (instead of the weapons), I will make myself available for individual Tuite tutelage during the weapons instruction portions (as I won't be participating in the weapons training myself). 

 Later this year (TBA), we will additionally be hosting our own "open" Tuite Jutsu seminars (in K.C.MO.) focusing upon the 6 Principles of Tuite. They will (likely) be 6+ hr. seminars to explain each of the Tuite Principles in exampled detail.These will be held as "open" seminars for anyone who wishes to attend. They are being presented to example/explain the differences between how (many) of the other groups/individuals are teaching Tuite in comparison to how Oyata taught his applications to be utilized (and yes, there are differences, LOL). Contact me/us here, or at the Ryushinkan/Kenshukai dojo website. 

(and Yes, I am acutely aware that the word "Jitsu" is being used (incorrectly), instead of "Jutsu" in the flyer,...oh well..."I" didn't write it, LOL)

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