Saturday, November 8, 2014

Tuite Pocket Reference

 Tuite Pocket Reference
 A Pocket Reference book of start positions of Tuite for use in picking through training topics in the dojo. There are NO explanations for these techniques, see larger book "The Six Basic Principle of Tuite".
  This book is only for quick reference of the basic techniques during a Practice session. This book lists all of the (initially shown) basic Tuite techniques as were taught by Taika Seiyu Oyata. Full descriptions of the techniques with photographs and explanations of the 6 Basic Tuite Principles is found in our Training/Instruction manual "The 6 Basic Principles of Tuite" (available soon).   

 Use this "link" to connect directly to the Tuite Pocket Reference,

 Available Titles,                   Tuite Pocket Reference

 Available Soon                    The Six Principles of Tuite

Titles coming soon,              Advanced Tuite Principles
                                              "Stepping Stones of Kyu Rank" Kenshukai-Ryushinkan Student Primer
                                              Women's Self-Defence
                                              Handgun Retention     
                                             Kyusho Pocket Guide


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