Friday, October 3, 2014

Bad Teachers? or Bad Students?

 I like to peruse the internet and "see" what the latest trends are, and I'm usually (quite) disappointed with what I discover. With my latest venture into the cyber-world, I was taken aback by how it is, that many people/systems perform the "Arm-Bar". I realize that "Logic" doesn't always apply to the martial arts, but many of the examples I found were,...exhausting (just to watch). This altered my search into seeking examples of "any" form of tuite (being applied). Surprisingly, there were few "still-shot" examples (most were really sad videos). Most all of the examples came from persons who claimed to have some manor of connection to Oyata (oh reeaally?).
  Oyata's defensive methodology isn't based upon size or strength for the implementation of the instructed techniques. His previously taught method wasn't either (though many of the prior instructors emphasized those traits, hence the advocacy they still show for “sparring”).
  The distinction between what/how Oyata taught applications to be implemented could seem minor to many, but the distinction is important when utilizing those applications in actual Life Protection situations. (as an example) the following technique (usually being referred to as an “Arm-Bar”, is commonly being taught incorrectly (as illustrated in the included examples).

  I copied all of the included pictures from numerous locations on the internet (for example purposes), identities were obscured to deter direct ridicule.
 The first detail that should be noted is that in every instance, the “uke” is still standing (yet their arm has been placed at a 90ยบ relationship to the ground (and some even further). Most all are pressing down upon the upper arm, close to (if not directly upon) the shoulder to achieve submission. This amounts to being a “reversed” lever, a much more difficult, and less efficient leverage method.

  This shouldn't imply that one couldn't make (force) these to work, only that they are not using the most efficient means to accomplish the motion, most ALL of these examples are emphasizing strength/size to achieve a (if any) submission.

 The following are examples of what is being taught when people have “seen” one of Oyata's techniques (but have never learned how to do it correctly). These pictures are used by our students as examples of (what we would categorize as being) “botched” technique applications . We have our students “list” the mistakes that are being made in each.

  Many of the "temporary" students of Oyata's (who were of Yudansha level)  had taught/studied different systems (prior to any presumed affiliation with Oyata) and continued teaching what(ever) they had previously taught (technique and methodology wise). The only thing that (many of ) those instructor's “changed”, was (sometimes) the name of what was being taught, not their principles, techniques or methodology (which would have been necessary in order to correctly teach what Oyata was then teaching). The vast majority of those individuals were gone within only a few years (if that long).  When they ceased any (actual or claimed) “affiliation” with him (Oyata), they continued to maintain that they were (still) teaching “the same thing”(?) as he did. More often they were only teaching “pieces” of his methodology (poorly) mixed with whatever they had learned prior to any affiliation that they may of had with him.


Whatever the following claim to be,... they aren't worth learning,... they're just ridiculous.


 Since Oyata's arrival in the U.S. and examples of his applications have been seen (and experienced) "Tuite" has become the latest "gimmick" for the Internet "experts" to capitalize upon. As can be seen here, most all of them, we have found to be lacking (in numerous respects). So the question remains, are these "techniques"(sic) the result of Bad Teaching? or Bad Students? In either case, the result is just Bad.

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