Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Beginning Tuite Technique List (Grabs)

  This is a list of Tuite techniques that our students are initially taught for responses to being "grabbed" (in various manners). Students are shown the technique motions, and those motions are practiced slowly so that the student can experience the various difficulties that can occur if/when they may be required to utilize them (in a defensive situation). 
 These techniques are practiced slowly and are practiced to a point of submission (of the uke). The Speed of technique application can only be increased with these techniques to a limited degree. Many of the techniques place the uke into a position of complete physical compromise, if speed were to be increased, or the tori did not release or cease the application of the technique, the uke would suffer physical injury (that isn't the purpose of our class). 
 These techniques will commonly become the foundation techniques for the variations that occur because of situational differences. There are 3 situations that tuite may prove to be applicable. These are attempts at being Grabbed, being Pushed and being Struck. Oyata's methodology provides responses for each of those situations. 
 The included "photo" is only for a visual reference for the shown techniques. There were never any "official" names for the techniques that were shown by Oyata, but each school has (often) come up their own manner of identifying each.
 At our school, this is commonly done by a visual reference of the technique we want the class to work on. Certain techniques have also acquired their own individual "names" that they have become identified by as well. 
 I have provided (small) pictures here, of identifying motions for the individual applications. These are not being presented in any manner of "order" (of/for instruction). In our classes, everyone (regardless of "rank/level") works on the same techniques. Variations are worked on as they are learned (by the individual student).
(BTW, None of these pictures are from our "new" Tuite publication, As you can observe, none of these were of any decent level of quality, LOL)

Grabbing Responses

High (Horz.) Forearm Grab/Straight-Cross
Upper Arm Grab Straight (Grab Above Elbow)



Wrist Grab-One Arm Low with Two Hands


Wrist Grab Straight/Small Hook & Back of Hand


 Wrist Grab Cross/ Standard

Wrist Grab Cross/ Wrist Slide

Wrist Grab - Cross (Inverted Thumb)


Cross Arm Grab Vert. High


Double Lapel Grab


Double Lapel Grab (Aggressor Rolls Fists)


Bear Hug (outside)/ Triceps Flex/Arm Bar


Single Lapel Grab (3 diffeerent Initially taught defenses)


Double Wrist Grab-Rear


Both Arms Grabbed ,Wrist-Lock/Elbow Lock (2 versions)

Shoulder Grab From Back (Straight)


Single Wrist Grab From Rear (Straight)


Single Wrist Grab from Rear (Cross)


Wrist Grab (one arm low, with 2 hands)


Both Wrist's Grabbed (From Front, Low)

Choke Releases (3 different release methods shown)

MMA Type Start (Position)

High Double Forearm Grab (2 on 1)

Both Arm's Grabbed Above Elbows From Back


Headlock Escape


Wrist Grab Straight /Forearm Press


Double Wrist grab_Rear


2-Hand Escort (Type of) Restraint

 Though (by no means) ALL of the techniques we teach, these are the introductory (that are began during the student's first class). Taika always stated that it took time and practice to learn to correctly be able to utilize these techniques (as well as to just learn them).

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