Sunday, August 11, 2013

Kyusho Frauds

 It has only been in recent years (20+), that the martial arts industry has begun to emphasize the instruction of Vital Points, though more commonly (now) referred to as "Kyusho Points". 
 There are numerous (IMO) misleading statements that have been attached to those locations as well. Though (clearly) translated as "Vital", I've read numerous articles making extravagant claims of it's translation. These have varied between "notated" (?) and "death location"(LOL). From what I've observed, the Kyusho term has only provided another opportunity for the scam artists (of the world) to profit upon the gullibility and illiteracy of the desperate/ignorant consumer
  Though being a real subject, kyusho locations are not (always) exactly what is expected by the new student. Most (though not all) can be extremely painful when utilized. Others may only elicit minimal pain or they can inflict direct injury, but they can also cause/create specific reactions (imagine suffering a coughing fit in the middle of an altercation, not necessarily painful, but dangerous none the less). 
 Maintaining the ability to motion/use a limb (as/when desired) is a given in most circumstances. If/when that ability is eliminated (even if only temporarily), and can be done with minimal skill level as well, then this can become a vital skill to posses. Though they often are, being painful (when utilized) is not a prerequisite of being categorized as a "kyusho" point/location.
 What is the greatest (IMO) fraud that's being sold to the consumer market, is the TCM/Meridian nonsense. This trash is what defines the term "Snake-oil" marketing. These thieves are attempting to sell their nonsense to the (often) desperate consumer, and could care less about how they are corrupting the industry. Their only motivation is profit. 
 Often mixing valid technique/information with their tripe and nonsense, these charlatans only goal is to prolong their victim's desire to pay for the ridiculous nonsense that they are selling.    
 There is absolutely NO reason for any student to WASTE their time and/or money on any of the TCM nonsense. It doesn't work, it isn't true/correct, and it certainly isn't necessary to utilize (or even identify) these locations. Being armed with (only) a rudimentary knowledge of (basic) anatomy and a familiarity with R.O.M. will equip a student far more than any amount of TCM Crap can or ever will.
 What is provided to our students, are a fundamental set of rules for application of the taught locations. These "rules" (also) provide guidelines for the determination of prospective locations as well.
 At NO time did Taika ever endorse, promote or encourage the use of, or even the belief in ANY of the TCM nonsense (quite the opposite actually). Anyone who claims to be teaching Taika Oyata's methods and/or techniques, and is including any form/manner of "TCM" Crap, is a fraud/phoney/fake/liar (take your pick, any will suffice). Those persons should  be avoided (as far as receiving any instruction from them).
 Any that are including this crap within their instruction, have never "trained" with Oyata (because if they actually had, then they obviously didn't "learn" anything, and are now hoping to scam  student's out of their money).


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