Saturday, August 3, 2013

Anomalies Revisited

  It would appear that I rustled some feathers with my condemnation of the individual's that want to cry about how so many people are part of the “anomaly” category (which is their excuse for why they continually fail to make their techniques work).
  I'm afraid that I will continue to adhere to that statement. The vast majority of teachers (of Tuite, including many of those who “now” claim to instruct Oyata's method) have not put the time forward to (actually) study/research that skill-set.
  Many that I have encountered (or more accurately confronted, LOL) are simply teaching the same ol' jiu-jitsu/hapkido techniques that they've always taught (just renamed now, to “tuite” in order to “fit” the public perception).
  Most of these outfits are simply selling the latest “Fad” to make some quick (and easy) money. For a while (thankfully) that market had dried-up here. The major player's in that scam had gone to Europe (where evidently they're quite gullible for the garbage these guy's were peddling).
  Unfortunately, most of the bigger names in that niche are back here in the States (maybe Europe wised-up and threw them out?). I noticed that my E-mail has begun to get reloaded with their Junk mail again (I can become all “Sir-tif-eh-ma-Kated” from them there guys,...They say-eed so!).
  As for the "Anomaly" Epidemic, (at our school) we have only encountered “2” (actual) of these "types" of individual's (and I would question even that number). Those person's (both) had extremely high Pain thresholds, but they still reacted to the (correct) application of the techniques (and in the manner required to complete the application). They just didn't experience the level of discomfort (OK, “Pain”) that everyone else does.
  Regardless of how fast, or hard that you would apply the technique (short of those techniques that would “break/dislocate” things), these individual's would “jump” back-up (after being taken to the ground), and ask “how the hell did you do that”? It was never that these individual's didn't react, it was simply that they didn't feel anything (in regards to the applications).
  Those same individual's were also the slowest at learning "how" to perform the the applications as well (they had no personal “reference” to go by). They would attempt to “muscle” the techniques, which would inevitably fail. It was also the only means of retribution that those who hadn't figured out how to perform the techniques on those 2 (as yet), had for returning the frustration, LOL.
  It's (obviously) become “easier” to just say that someone is part of a (supposed) group that you can call/consider to be an “Anomaly”. Watching how they perform their techniques, I would gladly be an “uke” for their demonstrations. Being a “training” situation, I would simply ask them to perform the technique(s) slowly. The exact same reaction (body motion-wise) "should" be the result (every one that I've witnessed, has been dependent on speed, and power, to get any reaction).
  90% of what's being taught at these other systems “seminars” (that claim to be teaching “Tuite”), amounts to dragging the uke to the ground. These are examples of “something”, but they are in no manner similar to what/how Oyata's techniques are supposed to be performed.
  We've had student's who have (supposedly) performed/practiced these types of technique's for years. Within 5 minutes of practice with us (at slow-speed mind you) They recognize that they haven't been doing anything similar to what we do.

  Some have gone so far as to make the claim that they “trained” with Oyata,...uh, no. They may have attended a seminar (of Oyata's), but that is not equivalent to having trained with him. 
 Before crying "ANOMALY!", make sure your not the one screwing something up on the "application" end of a technique's execution. Regardless of whether or not the uke feels any "pain", they should still react (in the manner desired). 

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