Tuesday, June 25, 2013

How Little Do You Know

  Over the past year, I've been subject to numerous inquiry’s regarding my opinion about the “U-Tube” video that promoted itself as being a “Live”, tuite training seminar. When it was initially released, I watched it (being obviously curious about what they would present). I dutifully sat through the entire production.
  I did cut them some slack (as far as their obvious nervousness) as it was equally obvious that they had never attempted this manner of (video) “seminar” before. I wasn't actually concerned with their “video” expertise, as I was curious about the information that they were claiming to provide.
  The first application that they demonstrated was an “Arm-Bar”. I naturally would have expected that they would have been demonstrating Oyata's manner of application (considering “whom” had been teaching them the version of “Ryukyu Kempo” that they advertise as having been practicing). What was shown though, was as far from anything that Taika had ever taught as one could get (where they came up with it, is beyond my comprehension).
  Evidently none of them had ever had to attempt that (what they were teaching) technique on a resistant/non-compliant subject. The application which they were demonstrating, was a (strictly) “power-based” application (and nothing like what Oyata would have taught).
  It was also interesting that the lecturer had the uke begin their attack (basically) “out of range” (i.e. Their strike would have never hit them, regardless of whether they choose to respond or not).
  After their “Arm-Bar” fallacy (which was drug out far too long), they proceeded to (what we call) the “Push-Catch” technique.  Being one of “our” instructional foundation techniques, I was very interested in how they were going to present it's application. Again, it was a dismal production, with numerous inaccuracy's being provided (within every aspect of the technique's performance). For our students, this would be "the" example for every aspect of how to perform this technique incorrectly.
  If this was (truly) intended to be an “instructional” seminar, the “instructor” failed miserably. With no longer than this presentation was (45 min.), “we” could have easily provided 4 times the information over just this "chest-push" technique (and ours would have been correct, which theirs wasn't). I don't even believe that the instructor even understood that he was (actually) “muscling” each of the tuite technique's that he was attempting.
  The remainder of the shown technique's were (IMO) all presented as “self-centered” techniques. By this, I mean that the tori was (overly) focused upon themselves (often completely ignoring the uke, who should have had the focus of the tori's attention).
  I don't know that they were on any manner of “time constraints”, but they did skip-over (or at least never presented) many of the additional (main) points that should have been addressed, including footwork, counter's, not “muscling” the technique's (which he did excessively). I don't (necessarily) blame this individual instructor, but they should have been including and dissecting these variables as well.
  As far as a viewer “learning” anything, I suppose that would depend on how little they initially knew to begin with. This presentation was only acceptable for pointing out what Not to do (meaning anything this guy said to do, and/or why). And again, I don't necessarily blame the presenter. I think he was doing exactly what his instructor had shown him (and why). The “fault”, lay with his instructor. I don't believe that this individual (really) understood what to look for (as far as correcting, and/or recognizing the faults that were apparent within the shown technique's).
  Seeing that the “comments” were turned-off for this video, I'm presuming that similar opinions became too much for them to stand (though that doesn't explain it's continued availability?). 
 To "preempt" any of the "you can't criticize anyone elses stuff" comments,..Bite me, and who say's? This blog is a totally Opinion Based blog. Pretty much everything I write on this blog are "my" opinions and understandings. These person's displayed thier video upon "U-Tube", that's the "public" gallery. I'm offering my opinion/critique on that public display.
 For those that are familiar with our "6 Principles of tuite" the faults (of that presentation) are readily apparent.


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