Thursday, April 11, 2013

Tracking Down Tuite

  It had been awhile, so I decided to “cruise” the internet, in order to observe what the latest/greatest video's (in regard to self-defense/martial arts) were these days. What I found was (typically) disappointing as usual

  I first attempted to find some examples of tuite, but could only find people attempting (their version of ) kyusho types of “stuff”. I saw no examples of “tuite” (a few “finger-locks”, but I consider those to only be done by idiots that know nothing about tuite, and so far I've been proven correct).

  I (at least) expected to come across some of the people who were pushing (their) ju-jitsu/aikido-types of wrist-locks (as being tuite), but I didn't even see any of those!

  The only thing that “pop's-up” is references to “Kyusho”, which (evidently) is the same thing to these moron's. Their sales pitch is that (either?) one won't work, without the other. Which is not only incorrect, it's deceitfully misleading

  Their entire “program”(sic) is based upon the student (sucker), buying into the premiss that they (the student) have to learn all these “pressure-points”, “meridian-lines” and know which one's are connected/related to which one's (at whatever time of day), blah,..blah,..blah... All of which, is false.

(Note that I didn't say that it was a “LIE”, that's to illustrate my attempt at being cordial, ain't I doin' good!)

  It would appear, that since these individual's don't (really) know how to perform tuite, they've chosen to misdirect their student's with these irrelevant distractions. I sat and watched one representative (from somewhere down south, Atlanta I believe?) give a delivery about their “10” principles of kyusho/tuite. Only 1 of which had any validity and the rest being total gibberish and nonsense, as well as being easily negated by simple logic (I don't believe they understand what the term “principle” actually implies).

 At least we only have 6 Tuite Principles, and All of ours serve a legitimate purpose (regarding the implementation of tuite).Being that they have totally confused the concept of “kyusho” with the physical application of a limb/joint manipulation, they've never learned how to make that limb/joint manipulation work to begin with.

  I watched a short clip (from somebody's “new” video) that the “instructor” listed every incorrect thing that could be done, as being the correct course of action. This was from the “BIG” name “kyusho” instructor guys,..if that's what their teaching, they don't know shit about how to apply Tuite. This was in some new wanna-be promotion for their (latest) big all-in-one “system” (that has a catchy acronym name that I can't remember at the moment).

  Along with their miss-taught version of tuite, they also teach some stupid “knife-fighting” techniques (perfect for sending YOU to jail with after using it), and some escrima stick-fighting techniques (because we ALL carry some escrima sticks with us all of the time) and they include some ground fighting stuff (because rather than learn how to NOT be taken to the ground, they choose to go there to begin with, that way the friends of the person your fighting, will club the fuck out of you once you do go to the ground?). 

  And (as usual) there were NO women shown in any of the examples they provided (as either the defender or as the aggressor) because we know that women are NEVER in a confrontational situation, much less one that requires them to protect themselves (or maybe their “new system” just isn't for women?).

  Speaking of which, does nobody ever teach any scrawny, underweight males? All I ever see, are these macho, muscle bound guys (well, except for the instructor's, LOL) These student's look like they've spent the past 10 years at a gym, doing all these “new” techniques. I kind of thought that “martial-arts” were (supposed) to be designed for anyone (male/female, big/small, strong/weak, etc.) to learn how to defend themselves?

  All that I keep finding is the “militia-wanna-be” types in fatigues dancing around and pumping iron (while talking about how you can't use pressure-points during a confrontation). Oh, and tuite won't work if the person is bigger than you are (no, really, that is what they said, teach and believe). I do hope that their big enough (because when they go to prison for doing some of the stupid shit I saw, they'll need to be, to keep from being raped every night). 

  Once was a time, when people who didn't know what the fuck they were talking about, kept their mouths shut. That time is past. They now conduct seminars and sell DVD set's as well as have (given themselves) high belt rankings, in order to sound like they know WTF they're talking about. Judging by the examples provided,...

They don't.

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