Friday, April 12, 2013

Clean-up Note

 For those who have been E-mailing me, I am fully aware that over half of my blog posts are "missing", because I removed them, LOL. Those posts that had "less" views than the majority, I deemed them as being (evidently) uninteresting to the general readership. 
 As a side-note, these were also the blogs that contained many of the details of/for application of kyusho/tuite and general technique theory. They were also the least viewed of all of my postings(?). Though I was initially concerned with posting some of that information, it has since became clear that people are not interested in those (application) subjects. Hence, I have chosen to limit my blogs (generally) to opinion/observation pieces. 
 I will still maintain our "open-door" policy at our school for any who are wanting to discuss (preferably) or debate (after scheduled "class time" please) any of the subjects I have/will cover on this blog.     
 For those who (repeatedly) inquire, I do not have the removed blogs available for download or by request (if you didn't get them to begin with, your S.O.L.).
 And yes, I am still in the process of removing various blogs. Those with the higher "hit/read" counts, will (likely) remain. I will be removing the others. And Yes, I am aware that I have removed over 258 posts (so far, LOL).


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