Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Tuite Videos on the Internet

  I've spent the past weekend perusing the Internet/U-Tube for videos of Tuite being performed. What I found, was that the majority of people and/or systems don't know WTF “Tuite” is.
  The biggest misconception, is that Tuite and Kyusho are the same thing. This is only believed by (complete) Moron's, and is peddled by the circuit Charlatans and scam artists (believing so, makes it easier to shovel their crap).
  The very few video's that I was able to find (that illustrated their techniques), consisted of the typical high-speed performance of commonly taught Ju-Jutsu and Aikido techniques.
  I (again) found one video from a school that did an “Internet Seminar” (for their version of Tuite). The way it was presented, you'd of thought that it was some manner of High-tech instruction. Unfortunately, it was a very “typical” amateurish event.
  It advertised (and became obvious) that they were affiliated with one of the ex-RyuTe groups. Basically, all the techniques demonstrated were performed (IMO) as if by untrained “yellow-belts”. It was pathetic (which was surprising).
  Considering who they were affiliated with, I would have presumed a higher level of knowledge (especially since the techniques they covered were very simplistic). The manor which every one of them was explained and demonstrated, was amateurish at best (and definitely sad).
  There are basically less than 6 "schools" that are (both) Non-RyuTe and are located within the U.S. That are putting any Tuite video's on the Internet. Every one of those, are (either) directly, or indirectly affiliated with Dillweed's nonsense.
  As I had mentioned in another Blog post, most of those individual's have distanced themselves from him, and are now pushing their own brand of his stupidity. I know that a few of them have invaded Europe, and are doing a number of their little “Seminars of Deceit”. The majority of these medicine shows are pushing the Kyusho aspect (greater continuing profit potential), and attempt to tie it to everything (including Tuite).
  Those that are in the U.S., obviously don't devote any time to real study of the art. From the videos that are on the Internet, there is only a simplistic approach being made towards any study of Tuite.
  I've written before of their ridiculous “10 tuite principles” used by all of these other groups. Of their 10, there is only 1 of them that is even similar to any of our 6.
  Having seen this lack of information and/or examples, I am becoming rather anxious (in regards to publishing our Tuite Manual). I believe my greatest amazement, is that nobody has (obviously) spent any amount of time on figuring out the most fundamental of guidelines for performing Tuite techniques (even in general).
  If what I found was (accurately) portraying examples of what is being taught (in regards to the performance of Tuite), Then the market is definitely in need of further refinement.
  Having already investigated the quality of (any of) the written information that's available on the subject, I know that there isn't anything of value that's (presently) available.
  I know that when I'm viewing what these individual's are presenting as being representative of their applications, it's obvious that their intentions are not to improve their student's understanding, much less the performance of Tuite. Their goal seems only to be having something to tell their (paying) students (regardless of whether it helps them to accomplish their application of the techniques, or not).

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