Friday, October 19, 2012

Learning to Fly (though we don't have wings)...

  (With apologies to Tom Petty, LOL),
 The pursuit of personal study is one that every student must (at some point) pursue. As my training associate eluded to (on his blog) recently, circumstances often prompt that endeavor sooner than one had originally planned. 

 With Taika's passing, any further opportunity to learn his methodology from him, is (obviously) gone. We are now obligated to pursue that study through the lessons he provided us during his lifetime. 
 For my own part, I was with Taika for over 30 years. Reviewing what Taika has shown us over the years (and the progression in the examples he provided) his own study and research was evident in that instruction.

 When Taika began his own solo study, he went to other instructor's (beyond his original) to learn the older (forms of) the kata. To this purpose, he learned those kata from Nakamura sensei. Though several individual's have made claims that Taika studied technique from him, that assertion is incorrect

 I have no need to learn any (more) kata, technique (or much of anything else) from any other system's instructions. That which Taika's instruction has given us, is proving to provide more than sufficient challenges to pursue our own continuing study.
  Solo-Study, is that practice which is done beyond and without the guidance provided by an instructor (being present). Though I have had (several) individual's state to me, that "they" are beyond the (need?) requirement of having to have an instructor, the mere act of making that statement is a telling sign (that they in fact could use some more instruction from a trainer).
 The term "solo" study, is a bit misleading, LOL. In our definition, it's only in reference to the fact that it isn't directly under a superior's tutelage. We (in fact) regularly utilize one another for reference and comparative analysis. We also utilize other Yudansha (in the RyuTe® system) for their opinions and views on the subjects being researched. 
  Over the years (of Taika's life, and instruction), there have been many things that Taika has said to each of us. Many of those statements and comments have been directed individually as well as in regard to the general practice and instruction of RyuTe®.
 It is my own hope, that the RyuTe® "board", get's their collective "stuff" together. I would sincerely like the association to continue, and to do so in a productive manner. I'm sure that these initial few months are going to be ... "spotty" (in regards to anything productive).
 I'm (already) aware of several RyuTe® members who have joined ranks with some of the individual's who were ejected from the association. I view that choice as being a slap to Taika's memory. To affiliate themselves with the very people that Taika disassociated from having any affiliation or membership with either himself or with any of his organizations (RyuTe®, Shin Shu Ho®, etc.) is pretty much a slap in the face of Taika's memory IMO.
  Some of those individuals (at one time) were member's of Taika's "Shin Shu Ho®" group. When they were kicked out, that affiliation was forfeited (though by their websites, they'd like you to think that they were still member's). Reading those sites displays the hypocrisy of these individual's (they respected Taika SO MUCH, that they left him, or were kicked-out by him???). Their only reason for seeking an association (to/with Taika) is for some manner of legitimacy.
 At this year's summer conference, it was rumored that the board would be "weeding-out" the association. It's my hope that these types of individual's as well as those sympathetic to their causes are included within that process (if the board follows through with that plan). It would be a easy enough matter to simply not renew those individual's annual memberships in January(for which there are a small group).
 Part of Learning to Fly, includes distancing one's self from groups that you are not a part of. From everything I see on these (other "X" RyuTe®) groups sites, they only claim to offer "Taika's" older methodology (seeing as how they haven't studied from him in 10, 15 or more years). Evidently, they haven't managed to continue or pursue their own study after having been kicked out.


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