Saturday, December 6, 2014

6 Principles of Tuite Book and Seminars Now Available to the Public

                                                                                    The Wait is Over!

  I am happy to announce that our 6 Principles of Tuite book is now (finally) available to any/all interested party's. This book is designed for use and reference by both the beginning and experienced practitioner of Tuite Jutsu (as taught by Taika Seiyu Oyata). The authors have been students of Taika Seiyu Oyata over the past 30+ years (directly, until his death in 2012).
  This book lists, illustrates and explains the 6 (primary) Principles for the application of Oyata's foundational Tuite Jutsu techniques as well as illustrates and explains those beginning Tuite applications as taught to our students. These principles can be applied to any type of Tuite "like" application as well (whether it is one taught within Oyata's system or not). They can also be used to validate the usability and weaknesses of any newly learned/developed techniques (when researching technique validity/practicality).
  This clearly written manual explains each of the 6 basic principles in an easy to understand format so the reader can readily understand how to utilize each of them regardless of the technique to which it is being applied. The included techniques are divided into easy to understand category's, including some that would be considered “non”-standard technique's. These can aid practitioner's in both new technique development and with that technique's validation.
 This text discounts the pointless inclusion of "Traditional Chinese Medicine" (TCM) in regards to the use or application of these techniques. Oyata never taught, endorsed or condoned the ridiculous practice of "TCM" or acupuncture "meridians" in regards to anything that he taught. Those pointless studies have never had any relationship to any of Oyata's Life Protection teachings.

  To acquire a copy of this book for your own study/class, go to the following url ( ) and click the “Add to cart” button/link. It's available in both hardback and paperback. Interested parties can also contact me here if you have any questions regarding the books or in regards to acquiring a copy for yourself.

  Also available is our “Pocket Reference” book, which lists pictures of all of the technique's illustrated and described in the 6 Principles Manual. This text is designed to be used for quick referral in/during a practice/research class.

 If your school/dojo is interested in hosting a Tuite seminar (explaining and demonstrating the included information in detail), contact us at this e-mail ( for availability, scheduling and prices.


Kevin said...

I purchased both books. As a current practitioner, the level of detail is fantastic. I'm really glad to see this information available being a long term reader of your blog.

Openhand said...

I'm glad to see that the book is serving it's purpose! If you have any questions, be sure to ask.

PS. if you would please, post a review of the book on Lulu (Good or bad) We're seeking honest reviews.