Friday, February 1, 2013

Symmetrical Logic, or Nonsense?

 I  was recently approached to explain my displeasure with the TCM theory/nonsense (I had pretty much assumed that I had already done so, LOL). Well, there are numerous reasons that I find it to be total Bullsh*t.
#1, They claim that everything their doing, is symmetrical (on the human body). The problem with that, is that the body isn't symmetrical Anatomically (except from an untrained “layman's” viewpoint).
#2, The texts that they utilize for “reference”, are (in themselves) contradictory. In numerous locations in the books, they contradict (their own) “standards and guidelines” (I do posses them, and they are in my own reference library).
#3, Those same texts, are shunned by any/all western medical sources. Every research study made regarding that information, has been proven to only respond to the (equivalency) level of a placebo (and/or has been proven to be completely false).
#4, Despite all these facts, they continue to insist that they are “only” utilizing those references/locations for (their) convenience. Those locations, are established by arbitrary measurements, and vary between individual's (not exactly a scientific "standard").
#5, Within the original video tapes that their Grand Pooh-Bah made (which I have copies of), that idiot made numerous incorrect anatomical references, and presented anomalies as if they were common occurrences (considering that more than several of these references are used as the MAIN PRETEXTS for HIS techniques, it pretty well invalidates ALL of his techniques).
#6, All of their Premiss (for technique application) is based upon “KI/CHI”. This is the “Western” misinterpretation of an “Eastern” analogy. (I know numerous Asians, all from Eastern Asia, and NONE of them Believe, or ever have believed in what these idiots are calling "TCM").
  If you are one of those that believe in this TCM nonsense, Then I will consider you to be an idiot as well. TCM is Snake-Oil Science.
  The most common counter to my arguments, are “But it works” (uh, no it doesn't). What may work, is a properly applied technique (which would have nothing to do with any of their TCM Bullsh#t).
  I completely disagree with anyone who utilizes any of this nonsense. Doing so, provides some level of (false) validity to it's use.There exists valid Western Medical terminology (and information), that can (accurately) be cross referenced and used by anyone who has access to a medical text.
  By using vague and misleading terms and measurements, these frauds are attempting to elevate themselves as being something “special” (which they are not). 
 These people will tend to focus on Kyusho applications, but they also delve into it's Application regarding Tuite. The most relevant factor to take from all of this, is that it provides an excuse (for them) when their method of a technique's application fails.
 This is most often accountable to the fact that they are unfamiliar with what (physiologically) are the reason's why the (correct) techniques do work (when performed correctly, which, in their applications are most often not the case).
 The entire TCM scam, is (IMO) typical of Western profiteering. Rather than do any serious research/work, there is always somebody offering an easy way (intending to by-pass any serious study and/or commitment).
  Unfortunately, there have been members of Oyata's 
Association who have (at the very least) given the appearance of having aligned themselves with these frauds. I would hope that they would choose to disassociate themselves (and thereby the association) with any of those individual's, and their associated groups.
 At one time (ie. last summer at the summer conference, LOL) the claim was made, that the association would be shrinking (by choice). It would be my own choice to make these individuals be the first that were purged.
  I am also (regularly) asked, why do I give a flying Sh*t what these idiots are preaching. Well, mainly because I have to (regularly) answer questions from potential students, or even passing acquaintances about pressure points and "are they real" (not to mention the flood of videos on the Internet that demonstrate nothing about what "we" actually do), but since they started using the term "Tuite", we get associated to their nonsense.
 Those people have made it embarrassing to even include mentioning it in the description of one's classes. I have no problem with the actual use of pressure points, I do have a problem with the made-up nonsense that's being stated in their regard though. 


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