Monday, January 2, 2012

Bunkai Blues

  As is usual, I've most likely managed to upset somebody, LOL. There's an individual on “U-Tube” that posts numerous video's about (“his”) bunkai of various kata. He also posts numerous copies of footage from seminar's put-on by Taika (back when he still let outsider's in, LOL). I've mentioned before that what was shown then, and what is taught now, has changed. That doesn't make what was shown then as (now) being invalid, but only incomplete.
  My teaching associate and I occasionally watch these (older) videos and laugh at what Taika's doing. Very often he is misleading those who aren't paying attention to what he is saying (instead of what he is doing). This U-tuber attended these seminars (at least I presume he did, he has the video's at any rate, LOL) and evidently focused on the actions being made, and not the principle's being taught/conveyed.
  I was very cordial, I didn't slam his interpretations (as I had nothing major against them), but I only pointed out an alternative approach to the one which was being taken (by him). His reply, gave the impression of an openness (to other interpretations), but he quickly returned to his restricting viewpoint mid-way through the reply (along with a self-justification for that viewpoint).
  I attempted another clarification (of my statement), but was dismissed in the usual manner done by most of these individual's (“well, if you want to post a video of what you feel is a better bunkai, I'd love to take a look. I'm always trying to learn and improve”).

 Fuck that, as for trying? Not very hard in my opinion. I'm sure you'd love me to post some stuff. You don't have anything else, and your not willing to consider that there may very well be other interpretations. I only attempted to suggest an alternative approach, and was (basically) told to “go piss-up a rope”. If you don't have the mental capacity to understand what was stated, then say so, and I will (usually) clarify it.
  There's a number of these “internet” experts/student's who may or may-not have attended a few of Taika's seminars (kind of like the “dillmanite's”) and who now consider themselves experts since their doing something different than 90% of the rest of the world (and are hoping to make a buck off of it, whether it's right, or wrong).

  Student's (whether they are also instructor's or not) who are attempting to expand their knowledge/understanding base, should learn to consider any alternatives to what they are presently utilizing. This doesn't mean accept what-ever is presented, but know enough about the approach to be able to (legitimately) dispute it and be able to explain why you do so (if/when asked). Only through intellectual debate, can illegitimate theories be neutralized.
  As with the individual/situation I mentioned above, I wasn't disputing his interpretation (I couldn't care less), I was attempting to expand his view of the situation (because he is basing his conclusions upon an incorrect, or at least limited analysis of the presented motions). I don't really care if he figures out what I was talking about or not. It's his view of the situation that's limited, not the situation itself. If he requires a video to see that, then he needs far more practice than what he's claiming that he has already.




Man of the West said...

People just don't want to know. That's the way they are.

I read something on a blog dealing with ti not long ago dealing with history, and I thought, "Hmmmm doesn't sound much like what I remember from what Taika had to say in his book (which I'd borrowed from my instructor)," and made the suggestion that the gentleman not go too much further 'til he'd read Taika's book.

Got no comment whatsoever. His prerogative, of course, but it just weirds me out. Subsequent posts by the same gentleman give me the impression that he honestly thinks that because he's trained with certain "ti" authorities in Okinawa--well, I kind of think that maybe he doesn't realize that there might be more to the story.

Crap, only God knows how many Marines have done Isshin Ryu in Okinawa and come back thinking that that IS Okinawan karate, no ifs, ands, or buts! Why on earth anyone would think that just because they've trained in Okinawa...

Lee Richards said...

I especially love how this person, and many others like him, profess some level of expertise in the arts. They have an air of pompousness to them and this one in particular likes to throw around Okinawan words to 'show off' his alleged knowledge. He continually misspells the Okinawan words, combines Japanese and Okinawan as well as pluralizes Japanese words such as katas instead of kata. If you are going to profess to be an expert, at least pop the $20 for an Okinawan dictionary.